sheriff-scott.jpgA controversy is brewing in Southern Florida after a Lee County Sheriff, Mike Scott, publicly blamed “gangsta rap” for a string of crimes. According to NBC2 News Online, there have been two armed robberies at two Lee County convenience stores in the past week. In both cases, the store’s clerk was shot even though they cooperated with the gunmen. On Monday, August 27, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott said rap music was to blame. “Lyrics about running from the police, shooting cops — unacceptable and yet, very, very prevalent in today’s society— in fact fashionable in many circles,” Scott said. “[It’s] almost a badge of honor to have been shot and it’s ridiculous.” As a result of Scott’s comments, hip-hop fans in Lee County have protested the insensitive remarks. “I just listen to the music and have fun, go to the club, dancing, like that,” a Lee County resident, Junior Longin, told NBC2. “I don’t think people listen to the music and then go shoot people.”