DMX Ordered to Pay $242,000 to Canine Clothing Company

dmx1.jpgDMX has been ordered to pay $242,000 to Amusing Diversions Inc., the manufacturer of a line of clothing for dogs that the rapper backed and agreed to promote. According to the Associated Press, Amusing Diversions filed suit against X after they claim he failed to fulfill a contract he signed to promote their Boomer 129 line of bomber jackets, raincoats, caps and scarves for dogs. The line was named after X’s favorite dog, Boomer, whose name he has tattooed on his back. The company says the relationship started out fine, but X refused to promote the line during television appearances, concerts and other public events as stipulated in their agreement. They say that the rapper even went so far as to publicize a competitor of the company. The Yonkers MC’s attorney, Murray Richman, told the Associated Press that he was not familiar with the case and his client was not available for comment.

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  • EReal

    LOL! Who would wanna promote dog clothes? He woulda looked like a fuckin busta! ROFL!

  • “CO”
  • freakyfiikkii

    What’s next? DMX promoting condoms and cognac for dogs; RUH RUH Rubbers and Canine Cognac; it gets the bithches barking. WTF!

  • freakyfiikkii

    What’s next? DMX promoting condoms and cognac for dogs; RUH RUH Rubbers and Canine Cognac; it gets the bitches barking. WTF!

  • freakyfiikkii

    What’s next? DMX promoting condoms and cognac for dogs; RUFF RUFF Rubbers and Canine Cognac; it gets the bitches barking. WTF!

    This is the last time, I promise!

  • derfla the hus’la

    pay up nigga, contracts are a mother ask Game

  • fireforreal

    We should call him the D.A.N of the week Dumb ass nigga.He’s falling the fuck off more and more each year.

  • Luc

    Fuck all yall hoes get a grip DMX is a legend and always makes hot shit!

  • Cuban Link

    damn, X is falling apart.He gotta get his shit together, I mean he should remember his own song

    Im slipping Im fallin
    I cant get up

  • HERO32


  • blingz

    X is a legend beta show him some respect ok. X is not fallin ok his still hot think about it. peace

  • Rednose pit bull

    theres nothing wrong with him promteing dog cloths……quit hateing

  • http://XXLMAG.COM xstif

    yall lost ur mind u should b gudge first what tha fuck yall talkin bout u dumb ass muh fuckers yall all d.a.n ur self u stupid muh fuckers yall dont know nothin bout x first of all he is dark man x he is not bling blingen or he aint got that like stupid pimp guice company like those muh fukers who 4 got where they came from & trayin 2 bling bling by their fan $ yall muh fukers slut them cuz they talk 2 much or try 2 b on tv with that stupid bling bling & talk 2 much bout their commerrcial i own this i own this yall muhfuckers only slut 2 those dumb ass niggas cuz u stupid matter fact u ur self u aint doin nothin u aint rappen or u aint hustlin u not even artist u not doin nothin 2 us we dont know u no body knows u but u talkin bout one big & great incridible king of rap(dmx) yall smell like shit like my nigga ice cube says yall smell like shit u nead 2 change ur diaper real talk u nead 2 let me tell u again (dmx) represent the weak,lonley, hungry & part of tha streat who keap it ugly if yall not part of this he cant help u shit yall dont nead 2 yell matter fact yall dont nead 2 litsen his shit shut the fuck up yall cant walk in his shoe yall trayin 2 dirt his name & 4 yall niggas talkin like this he is fallin he is GRAND CHAMP with 5 # one album & platinium with 22 milion record sold & # 6 album gold one with 700,000 us sale & # 2 on billbord top this is cuz of numerous problem on his record problem with defjam 4 maken a suden change 2 sony bmg record thats why he his album became # 2 for tha first time on tha chart even thoug he is still GRAND CHAMP how tha fuck he goin fail his name ring BELL IN A YARD yall stupid dumb ass R sluten only 4 those who chasen that paper not tha rap game matter fact he is not tellen yall i got this i got this thats not his game thats not what we lokin 4 im talkin on tha b half of his fan when we buy each of his album he know what street is lookin & he is feeden us with his 6 great album thats what he has done so far muh fuckers so stop talkin shit use ur mind not ur body stop slut those dumb ass niggass who says 24/7 i got this i got this on thier shit they nead 2 change their diaper they smell like shit real talk thats not tha street lokin 4 when i eat my dogs should b eaten 2 real talk from (dmx) mater fact i know u dumb ass muh fuckers u represent like those bling bling niggas,ja rule , jay z poor president of def jam & da who aint got loyality 4 tha dog. have u lost ur mind PIT BULL IS A CHAMP U KNOW BATER get tha fuck out of HEREEEEEEEE WE HUNGRY x DROP UR 7th bomb we waitin & pls try 2 fight 4 ur promteing 4 tha boomer cloth we nead that 2 fuck tha hate!!!!!!! holaaaaaaaaa