dmx1.jpgDMX has been ordered to pay $242,000 to Amusing Diversions Inc., the manufacturer of a line of clothing for dogs that the rapper backed and agreed to promote. According to the Associated Press, Amusing Diversions filed suit against X after they claim he failed to fulfill a contract he signed to promote their Boomer 129 line of bomber jackets, raincoats, caps and scarves for dogs. The line was named after X’s favorite dog, Boomer, whose name he has tattooed on his back. The company says the relationship started out fine, but X refused to promote the line during television appearances, concerts and other public events as stipulated in their agreement. They say that the rapper even went so far as to publicize a competitor of the company. The Yonkers MC’s attorney, Murray Richman, told the Associated Press that he was not familiar with the case and his client was not available for comment.