DMX “Devastated” Over Loss of Dogs, Still No Charges Filed

dmx11.jpgDMX’s attorney, Murray Richman, told reporters on Monday that his client is “devastated” by the loss of 12 dogs confiscated during a raid on his Cave Creek, Arizona home on Friday (August 24). No charges have been filed against the Yonkers native as of yet. According to The Arizona Republic, Richman continued to deny any wrongdoing on his client’s part. “My client is totally innocent of all the charges here,” Richman said. “Well, there are no charges.” During the raid, Maricopa County deputies confiscated the 12 dogs, plus a cache of guns and a substance they believe to be illegal narcotics. Deputies also dug up the bodies of three dead dogs on the property, one of which appeared to have been burned. Sheriff Joe Arpaio says they believe the unidentified substance to be methamphetamine, but they are waiting on lab results for confirmation. “Hopefully, by tonight, we’ll have a result,” Arpaio said. A disagreement has also arisen over when exactly the rapper last visited the residence. While Richman says his client hasn’t been there in “several months,” Arpaio says neighbors have reported seeing X at the home within the last three weeks.

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  • Kenny

    I’m a big fan of DMX but this just not a good look for him

  • stoneyisland

    The “Bird City” police have released more information about what was discovered at DMX’s crib:
    Three dead dogs buried in the backyard, 12 malnourished dogs (2 pits, 10 mastiffs), guns, cars with un-traceable license plates, drug paraphernalia and what is suspected to 1/2 pound of methamphetamine. I guess you can take the —–out the hood, but… DMX’s attorney says he is devastated and had hired a caretaker to watch the dogs who obviously dropped the ball. There was no evidence of dog fighting.
    Photos of the Raid

  • N.O. 4 life

    so why did they raid his home in the first place…dont they have to have a reason…beside him being black and all that…


    wow this dude is like the black version of amy winehouse he needs rehab. I honestly dont know why he is “devestated”

  • COOL

    Shouldnt they be questioning the care taker, not like DMX was in the house when it was raided . Something dont sound rite IMO .

  • Rodjilius

    dam no comment…….

  • unknown

    When will the people learn that you cant keep the same company you had when you was broke, unless they have your best intrest in hand. I just don’t get us. we continue to prove the people right. I am not a Bill O Riley fan he has so much ammo to use when he talk about us. Let’s make this dude feel stupid and be sucessful not idiots. I don’t understand about dudes saying I get money I love making when you spend more money on lawyers and bail money and law suit settlements. You don’t like money like you claim if that is the case. Keeping it too real will put you back in real poverty. Dude say the want to get out the hood but go back when you got millions of dollars to hang with the common folk and all that does is breed envy and hate. ANd you get robbed. Coroperate Takeover.

  • King B

    Damn! I’m from AZ meth is huge out here, and I know X was a rock smoker so I’m not suprised. I hope he has nothing to do with theses charges, and if he is smoking or selling (which I dought) I hope he is ok and gets proper treatment. Sad news man, X is a real dude, he got heart.

  • Vicious Seiger

    I never wanted to believe X was on the pipe but hey you can’t fight the stone cold facts. I wanted to believe his decline from Icon to Has Been was only temporary and that X was getting ready to really hit us with that fire after he took a little time off. I have to say around Grand Champ it seemed as if DMX was no longer hungry or really trying. It seemed the image was bigger than the person like hollywood and the music industry really wore his ass out, Now this. Is there some kind of curse you invoke when you are parting ways with Def Jam (Foxy? DMX? Ja Rule?) This man is QUICKLY becoming a shadow of his former self. X, you have got to reclaim your life – talking about going from Top Ten to not mentioned at all.

    PS – Are the Ruff Ryders (Past and Present) at the end of their leash? (The Lox are in Limbo, Jadakiss doing a guest spot in a Weezy Video -WTF!?!?, Eve’s drunk driving and with DMX’s pending legal strife – Is this the end of an empire?)

  • Mpho

    Maybe yall do it differently in The U.S of A but, just what exactly were they supposed to do with the dead dogs if not bury them motherfuckers?????….. stupid motherfuckas

  • somdweller

    INFORMERS, theysekwljelwjkdfjsyaaa, a likki bum bum now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://xxl cha

    no shit its a bad look for anybody dipshit