DMX’s Arizona Home Raided; Dogs, Guns and Illegal Substance Confiscated

dmx.jpgOn Friday (August 24), DMX’s home in north Phoenix was raided by local police after they received reports that the rapper’s pitbulls were being neglected. According to Tucson’s KVOA, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio says his officers confiscated 12 pitbulls, a variety of assault weapons and a half pound of what they believe to be illegal narcotics during the raid. Arpaio also reported that the bodies of three dead dogs were found buried on the premises and that authorities were still investigating whether or not any animal cruelty actually took place. Additionally, Captain Paul Chagolla told KVOA that no charges have been filed as of yet, and that the half pound of suspected drugs has been sent to the lab to determine what exactly it is. X was not at the residence at the time of the raid, and his attorney Murray Richman says his client has not been there in over two months. Richman told website on Friday that the dogs were supposed to be under the watch of a caretaker and asserted that X “loves those dogs.”

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  • Beeyo

    so tired….so,so tired….

  • og bobby johnson

    DMX is a crackhead….”where my dogs at?”
    He couldnt remember where he buried them….junkie ass

  • BirdsFlySouth

    As soon as they picked Vick up, this fool should have been removing all that crap from his house and cars. He should have been out there digging up dogs, crack, and whatever else he’s into. He deserves whatever he gets.

  • M.C

    Watch there’s mad niggaz in that game Vick is not the only one–if you’re familliar with MTV cribz watch who they go to next from the ATL lol…these niggaz are on some funny sht–Snoop better watch hes too…

  • og bobby johnson


  • Reptile

    They trying to Mike Vick him. Big Boi may want to close his kennel for awhile.

  • Caine

    og bobby johnson Says:

    August 27th, 2007 at 1:49 pm

    ^^LMAO!! Good One.

  • get_at_me_dog

    a yall thank mick vick snitched on the darkman? he is workin for the feds now

  • $H@KIM ALL@H

    Itz Mike Vick all over again! Only difference is X got it worse, cuz they found drugz and gunz in his house. At tha wrong time after this Mike Vick shit!!! This nigga iz in deep shit!!!!

  • BirdsFlySouth

    get_at_me_dog Says:

    August 27th, 2007 at 3:37 pm
    a yall thank mick vick snitched on the darkman? he is workin for the feds now
    I’d snitch to if I was about loose 130 million. Fuck the year in prison term, street cred, DMX. Fuck’em all for 130 million!!!!!!!

  • Cuban Link

    I doubt theyll get him for abusing the dogs, it doesnt seem as bad as the thing with vick.And they report it like its so surprising that they found drugs.Um, how many times has it been announced that DMX was a crackhead? And what rapper actually does real time for weapon charges anyway?

  • wacko G

    fuck dmx,hes a real bitch..fighting dogs for what? if your already rich as hell,why the fuck would you be hussleing and dog fighting? thats shit you do when you dont have any money…what a fucking idiot,he deserved that shit..haveing the guns i understand,but the rest was dumb…hes gonna get locked up now for sure

  • TonyBee

    Man yall niggas is worse than the mainstream media.

  • Biggie

    fuckin feds they tryin to do everybody like they did to michael vick thats bullshit

  • me nigga

    get_at_me_dog Says:

    August 27th, 2007 at 3:37 pm
    a yall thank mick vick snitched on the darkman? he is workin for the feds now
    yea but hes only gonna tell about other dog fighters and drug dealings (if you remember the reason why they raided his property in surry county was because of a drug bust. I dont think dmx is a dog fighter more like a dog lover you no. he mite actually have sex with them dam dogs.


    first they brought vick down, now dmx!
    i wonder who gonna snitch on him like them bitch made niggaz did vick.
    i had a feeling they was gonna fuck with x because he always talks about his dogs.
    we got a war going on and they fucking with people about dogs?
    dick cheney fucking hunts for a sport and they act like that’s no different!!!
    that’s bullshit!!!!!!
    if vick and x go to jail.
    vice president dick cheney should go to and all the other hunters in the united states!