Check out the tracklist for Kanye West’s Graduation

1. Good Morning
2. Homecoming (Featuring Chris Martin)
3. Stronger
4. Champion
5. Good Life (Featuring T-Pain)
6. I Wonder
7. Even More Broke Phi Broke (Skit)
8. Can’t Tell Me Nothing
9. Drunk and Hot Girls (Featuring Mos Def)
10. Evrything I Am (Scratches By DJ Priemier)
11.Good Night (Featuring Mos Def & Al Be)
12. Big Brother
13. Graduation (Skit)
14. The Glory
15. CRS (Featuring Lupe Fiasco and Pharrell)

Graduation hits stores on September 11.

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  • JE

    i thought no one but kanye was gonna rap on graduation?

  • morealicat

    looks pretty tight

  • youngllll

    1stt kanyes a monster

  • Kazil

    looks better than i thought,


    Their has to be bonus tracks!!!

  • DC’s Finest

    I cannot wait!!! Fuck fiddy cent, he shit iz trash, making songz wit white boys like he ain’t wanna rob em back in the day. Kanye shit iz gonna b like dat, but Common and Jay are missing?

  • Luke Cage

    yeah he said he wasn’t gonna have any rappers on it. I mean Mos Def isn’t really a rapper but more like an all around artist.

    i think the CRS song is the bonus track

  • Tyler

    This can’t be right? Kanye said that he didn’t have no guest on his album. . . It may be a fake. aka
    Love it or Hate it, Tell a Friend.

  • Eric

    Kanye’s cd will be a classic 50 ain’t got nothin to brag about one hot single out of what 5 that he put out kanye put only two singles out and there tight as hell good luck kanye!

  • 504nigga

    damn dey only got 15 tracks and 2 skits this aint no album

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Only 15 tracks? Kanye you trippin dude where’s Common, Twista, and Jamie Foxx.

    Kanye, Twista and Jamie Foxx need to drop an album.

  • FrenchyBlaq

    Good night is the last track…

  • Pedro Cabrera

    This album should be fire. First two singles are ill. Some people dont like change and these beats are different. Should be HoT!!!

  • jayburgey

    you niggas are some dick riders! how you gonna say the shit looks good by just seeing the names of the songs! I like Kanye and all but damn, get off the nigga’s nutts!

  • dre

    t-pain wtf? hes absolute garbage. looks like a label decision on that one

  • dsgdfshgfd

    50 cent-curtis september 11 2007

  • G-Unit Greg

    he’z guna need a lot betr than that 2 beat out 50 for #1 album!!!


  • big dick cheney

    yo when dis shit come out? dis might be da first kanye album i buy. I mean i got the other ones but dem shits burnt. The play list look tight tho.

  • big dick cheney

    yo when dis shit come out? dis might be da first kanye album i buy. I mean i got the other ones but dem shits burnt. The play list look tight tho.

  • $TR££T$

    He has only 15 tracks and still managed to fit in 2 skits lol…13′s an unlucky number aswell…Am hoping there will a track that i can call We Major Part II, my favourite song from him

  • TriZZle

    track list lookz aight, needz more songz but should be tight tho

  • steven

    kinda short compared to his other joints, but you KNOW you’re getting quality from this man. pretty much the last of a dying breed in the hip hop business when it comes to certified dope albums-CANT WAIT.

  • Mr. Whats beef

    this is how its gonna go im telling you, somebody is gonna buy kanyes album and not like it and tell other ppl how wack it is, therefore alot of people are gonna get curtis

  • maxman

    its gonna be a hot one, not enough guests though.

  • Chris S

    i thought bittersweet was going to be on it

  • Revoh

    All in All,Kanye big up.Ur gud in ol songs available in Graduation.