Bun B Readies New Solo Album, 2 Trill

bun-b.jpgEarlier this month, UGK scored their first No. 1 album on the Billboard chart with their critically acclaimed double-disc CD, Underground Kingz. Now, riding high off their success, Bun B is preparing to release his second solo LP, 2 Trill. The LP will be the follow up to Bun’s 2005 gold debut, Trill. “Right now, I’m working on my new album, 2 Trill, the follow up to my Trill album on Rap-A-Lot/Asylum [Records],” Bun tells XXLMag.com. “It’s going to be coming very possibly later this year. We’re already in the works. We’re ready to drop a single, but the UGK momentum is still kinda big. So you don’t wanna step on your own toes. But I got my album cocked and ready to go.”

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  • k.barker fuckfaces

    first this shit will be crazy

  • http://www.xxxlmag.com Carolina

    Bun B the king of the souf! True and Real.

  • BirdsFlySouth

    Bun killing it. I’m buying the album

  • Trev-O-Negative

    Yo i can’t wait 4 dis joint,Bun b is one uv da best 2 eva who eva did,& niggaz can’t fuck wit it.His song candy on da new album is my 2nd favorite song on da album(which only cumz bhind real women with talib kweli cuz it’z a very powerful and respectful record)and his lyricz alwayz stand out on every track.And with 31 songz 2 choose from with numerous guest vocalz,that’z sayin’ sumthin’.Trust me this album will b a must have,cuz u know bun comin’ with that fire.I’m coppin’!!!!

  • http://myspace.com/djfarm farm

    badass…. can’t wait.

  • Trizzle

    Bun is one of the few that ca spit down here, album should be hot like the first one

  • gman

    is candy that song were he talks about his car? thats my fav also. i well deff be coppin buns new cd no bootleg shit either

  • http://josesetien.wordpress.com J.O.S.E.

    Bun B is the real King of the South. OG status. He’s been in the game for a while, ups and downs, trials and tribulations, held his boy down while in the can, this one of the few real cats left. I’m going to pay retail for this one.

  • http://www.meatspin.com luc

    Bun B rips I’ll be gettin that

  • E$

    Get em’ Bun!

  • mr. undisputed the mogul

    The 1st Trill cd Was dope & i’m sure the 2nd will be just as dope. My question is on the picture above, Why does BUN-B look like K-slays long lost twin brother??!!!

  • Q! tha Great!

    yeah!!! that UGK- Underground Kingz is crazy!!!!
    Bun droppin’ another napalm bomb!?!?!?
    I’ll get that no question, no hesitation!!

  • conman

    bun b the king of the trill.PIMP AND BUN.THE REALEST BRA.UGK FOR LIFE.

  • Ziggy

    Pimp C gives that melody and vibe. Bun B is a monster on the mic. quite possible the best southern rapper besides weezy and ludcris.

  • Three4

    Bun B is the shit…


  • triplesixninja

    the best southern rappers ever are as follows: lord infamous bun b eightball mjg younbleed mac scarface andre 3000 and boosie and webbie.

  • Caine

    “Keep on pushin”, dat was my shit. Anyway, yeah 2 Trill gone be straight crack.

    @ Triplesixninja
    Lord Infamous sucks. You left out Luda, TI, Weezy, Fiend(How u gone have Mac without Fiend???), Chamillionaire, Devin, and the rest of the Geto Boyz.

  • h-flow

    his solo album should promote itself because of the UGK album that just dropped yadadamean? Cause i know how rap-a-lot promotes shit and not in a good way.