Aspiring Baltimore Politician Objects To Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana Concert

lil-wayne.jpgA candidate for Baltimore’s city council has raised concerns over an impending concert featuring Lil Wayne and Juelz Santana. According to the Baltimore Sun, Democratic candidate Donald J. Dewar III sent a letter to Mayor Sheila Dixon and the city’s liquor board demanding that the show, which is scheduled for this Saturday (August 18) at the Clarence H. Du Burns Arena, is cancelled and its one-day liquor license is revoked. Dewar argued that the two rapper’s explicit lyrics and violent content were not appropriate for the venue, which he says is located in a residential area. In an effort to drive his point home, Dewar cited an alleged “mini riot” that he claims ensued during a June 15 Lil Kim concert at the same arena.

City police spokesman Sterling Clifford denied that there was any disturbance at the Kim show, saying that no police were called to the area that night. City Councilman James B. Kraft also stated that Dewar’s allegations about the Kim concert were unfounded. “I’m not, and the city is not, saying we support this particular group or these particular entertainers … but they have a legitimate contract with the city to use the Du Burns Arena,” Kraft said. Attorney Paul Gardner, who represents the show’s promoter, IKON Entertainment, said Dewar’s request to reject the liquor license and cancel the show was contrary to the First Amendment. “It’s unconstitutional to really erect a policy banning one kind of concert based on its content,” Gardner argued. “If Paris Hilton was coming down to the Du Burns Arena on Aug. 18, I do not think Mr. Dewar would be complaining—and she’s been convicted.”

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  • menocrown


  • Rockcity

    You know what. . . I’m tired of this shit.

  • Dano

    Is this straight from CB4? what a suprise, a politician trying to get votes by down talking rappers, yea this hasnt happened before. I plead the FIZZIFH

  • getmoney

    this dude dewar is trying to get elected. you can’t knock the man’s hustle.

  • Kanye Iz HipHop


    WEEZY F. BABY!!!!

  • Fire

    I’m tired of this too. People need to stop blaming hip hop just because they don’t like the music. We need to unite and go against the hypocrites on both sides of the hip hop debate and do something about reducing the problems in our poor communities. Oh, and the Paris Hilton comment the attorney made couldn’t have been more spot-on and accurate.

  • A_Dubb

    why the hate….the whole situation some bullshit. just let em do tha concert


    I don’t agree with this at all,but these two little bitches should seriously stop with the fake blood shit.My grandma is more gangster then them.It kills me that these rappers become gangsters after they make it big.I don’t give a fuck if they grew up in areas where the shit is pervalent,if you never banged,don’t act like it cause real motherfuckers are gonna test you.Shit,even if you saw it your whole life and seen people killed or sent away for forever and a day,why would you present it like it’s cool or whatever.These two skinny bitch made faggots need to get their shit checked(no homo).They are basically bangers who don’t bang and the kids eat it up.Fucking WWE if you ask me.

  • Triple X

    Do people in the US really believe that that gay rapper and that anorexic dude are bangers? On the other hand it makes sense: you’re the same nation that voted for George W. Bush. TWICE!!!

  • marcus

    It’s a war against rappers but they are not paying attention to it.

  • marcus

    Look at how many rappers have been in trouble with the law these past few months.



  • TonyBee

    Fire is right,hip-hop fans and artist need to raise up against people trying to ban rapper.There boycotting because rap music hurts kids.IT’s not the rapper fault these kids down load there CD and buy bootleg CD on the street,but the rapper get’s blame for that.Kid’s get a hold of adult movies,but critics don’t go after the porn industry.Let’s fight back.

  • TonyBee

    You know the crazy guy that shot 32 people at VT,he was listening to a rock band before the killings.

  • Redd

    In baltimore one of the countries most violent cities. Don’t matter that the arena is in a residential part either. A bigger concern then a riot is do these two fake bloods have enough protection from real g’s who are hungry out here??? Not wishing anything on them…I’m just saying.

  • N.O. 4 life

    “If Paris Hilton was coming down to the Du Burns Arena on Aug. 18, I do not think Mr. Dewar would be complaining—and she’s been convicted.”

    too true…its hate on all rapper season around now

  • doctor69

    hahahah go ahead blame the political machine instead of there fake blood shit promoting gang violence instead of throwing away there pink rags and saying selling drugs,and gangbanging will send you to jail or dead or both so fuck these 2 birds ass faggots

  • Don

    I don’t really do this shit ever, but it seems like a lot of yall got feelins on shit that don’t matter 2 u, u mad cuz sum1 gettin $ and u not, cuz I doubt that any of u is goin 2 da concert or is gonna meet 1 of them in your LIFE!!! Wut they do aint stoppin my dough flow and whether they real bloods or not, I don’t give a fuuuuccckkkk.

    Peace & Love,


  • seb

    fuck dis bitch

  • Rodjilius

    its sad that theyre blaming hiphop why not look at gothic music and what theyre doin look at rock n roll look at the streets period everybody wants to blame somethin for their problems when its the people themselves we gotta do better

  • Yo

    Just give it a few years. Hip Hop Is will be illegal if they have anythingto say about it.

  • da present future

    someone must murk these damn politicians!

  • doctor69

    to the coon da distant past and donna fallback you fucking coons so getting money, killing off our black race and pimping out the ghetto making it look great to sell drugs kill innocent people being uneducated wearing your sisters clothes going to prison and kissing other guys is the thing to do. When I though you supposed to grow up to be the opposite you guys must ha ve been molested by your uncle as kids because only homothugs would defend these two

  • Larry Luv

    i think this shit with politicians is rediculous..they suck one

  • Los_Angeles_fareal

    Y the fuck all these niggas think they bloods now? Dipset and Lil wayne, Game fake too, Im tired of this shit, niggas aint gotta bang to be hard, I bang but I grew up in this shit, niggas think its a game til they come to tha hoods in LA.