stack-bundles.jpgA suspect who the New York Police say was riding in a car with two attempted cop killers, has been fingered by an informant as the shooter in the murder of Queens rapper Stack Bundles. According to a report by the New York Daily News, 29 year-old Lee Woods has been charged with attempted first degree murder, aggravated assault on a police officer, weapons possession and other charges for his alleged role in the July 9 shooting of two cops in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood. Authorities say Woods was driving in a stolen BMW SUV with friends Dexter Bostick and Robert Ellis when officers Russell Timoshenko and Herman Yan pulled them over on Rogers Avenue. Bostick then allegedly fired on the officers, striking Timoshenko twice in the face and Yan in the chest and arm. Yan’s bulletproof vest helped minimize his injuries, but Timoshenko is not expected to recover.

Police arrested Woods on Tuesday and caught Bostick on a Pennsylvania highway on Wednesday night. Ellis is still at large. An unidentified police informant has said that Woods also murdered Stack, whose real name was Rayquon Elliott, on the morning of June 11 as he returned home from a club. "Woods is bad, just bad," the source said. "He killed Rayquon for a dumb-ass robbery." Woods has denied being in the car with Bostick and Ellis and claims that the NYPD coerced a confession out of him. His attorney however, has admitted that Woods was in fact in the car, but denied that his client fired any shots at the officers.