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    he needs to sit tha fuck down,piece if shit hasbeen—and getting a lapdance from that skank-ass racist Paris Hilton—-gimme a fucking break…oh yeah 1st bitches….

  • cali neon green

    ^shut da fuk,,suge is the realest nigga aliveeee,all crazy ppl bite lol,remember mike tyson bit evander hoolyfield’s ear off lol

  • hater what u starin at

    paris hilton must die….stank ass piece of white trash….DIE BITCH DIE

  • Suge Night Is A Hoe

    man sgue is a mark ass hoe yall jus gotta realise that you see fake dosent recognize whos real.. namean real recognize real and suge aint real matterfact he gon end up dead soon he aint got that respect he had befoe, so that bitch better lay low befoe that red climb out that hoe BITCH !

  • brebre


  • Carlito

    Suge get things fucked up, what the fuck else is new.

  • derfla the hus’la

    i’ll neva forgive this dude for killin pac you fat bastard…….prolly eartin paris hitler’s pussy coz dude is broke as hell now paris hitler prolly gave him a few grand, male escort bitch


    I ratha be yo n>I>GG>A
    so we can get drunk and smoke w.eed all day….
    these bustas aint luvin u right..

  • Sean

    lol that was a funny story.. jus wonderin but hows paris hilton racist if she was givin a blak guy a lap dance