plies.jpgThe Sprint telecom company has signed on to sponsor a new song from Fort Meyers, FL based artist Plies that will be distributed across peer-to-peer file sharing networks in the coming weeks. According to a report from the New York Post, Sprint and Plies’ label, Atlantic Records, are teaming up with ArtistDirect's Media Defender division to execute the deal. Through the agreement, Sprint will pay a “substantial six-figure” fee to have its logo embedded in the song’s mp3 file, and Media Defender will be responsible for disseminating the song across the peer-to-peer networks. The embedded logo will be attached to the song file forever, and will display on a listener’s computer screen or mobile device whenever they play the track. Atlantic Records, Plies and his publishing company will split the fee paid by Sprint. The agreement marks a new era in record label sanctioned file sharing and presents a new way for music to be shared online while still generating a profit. According to Jon Diamond, CEO of ArtistDirect, Media Defender is currently in talks with several other artists and labels about similar deals.