snoop.jpgAfter being banned from the country due to his criminal record, Snoop Dogg will pledge his allegiance to the land down under in a new marketing campaign for MTV Australia. The Long Beach, CA native was denied entry into the country in April to attend the MTV Australia Music Awards, because of his history of convictions on drug and weapons charges. But on a previous trip to the country, Snoop filmed two days worth of footage in which he expresses a desire to move to Australia, tours the country’s beaches and purchases a house in Sydney’s exclusive Vaucluse neighborhood. According to the Australian Associated Press, Snoop was warned by authorities during that trip that any further legal issues could jeopardize his ability to re-enter the country. The ads consist of 19 segments totaling 11 minutes, and will run on MTV Australia over the next several weeks.

In related news, fellow Cali rapper The Game and singer Akon’s scheduled appearance at an Australian concert next month is beginning to stir controversy. A recent article in the Melbourne Herald Sun noted that both artists have extensive rap sheets, and quoted concerned Australians. “We don't really need people from the criminal end of town acting as heroes up on stages for our young people to admire,” said Gabrielle Walsh of the Australian Family Association. The Game was arrested in June for allegedly brandishing a weapon during a basketball game, and Akon has been dogged by two controversial incidents at recent concerts.