Snoop Dogg and Missy Elliot Lead This Year’s Roster for VH1′s Hip-Hop Honors

vh1-hhh.jpgVH1 is adding some new school flavor to their annual Hip-Hop Honors show this year. The fourth edition in the series will premier on Monday, October 8 and will be hosted by comedian Tracy Morgan. This year’s honorees include Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot, Whodini, Wild Style’s 25th Anniversary and Teddy Riley and Andre Harrell for New Jack Swing. This year’s edition is being billed as a celebration of players “who broke new ground and pioneered the genre into a true cultural phenomenon.” VH1 Hip-Hop Honors will be taped at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City on Thursday, October 4.

In addition, is launching a new contest called “The Score.” The contest is an online search to find the best upcoming hip-hop producer. VH1 will give one lucky producer the chance to create the official score to this year’s Hip-Hop Honors. Producers can upload their 60-second beats to from July 23 to August 20. Three finalists will be selected and then the viewers will decide, through online voting, who is the grand prizewinner.

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  • cacogrande

    this is real good for hip hop this coming from a spanish brother.

  • diaz

    where the fuck is my big l tribute. missy wack and fat

  • Holla

    Missy? WTF? I can name a 100 rappers that should be honored before her – G. Rap, ATCQ, De La Soul, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, DJ Quik, Goodie Mob, etc.

    This is a joke. Missy came out in ’97 – she’s too new school to be honored already.

    Fuck VH1

  • rip roundn rock

    i respect tedddy riley, but isn’t new jack swing more r’n'b than hip hop

    throw marley marl, kool mo dee, epmd, gangstarr, prince paul, as people who shoulda got in

    snoop, ice cube easy e, all get in before dr dre??? guess dre doesnt want any part of it

  • stacks

    wat when r they going 2 give my nigga big pun dat respect that he owed

  • brebre


  • M.C

    I’m co-signing your niggaz missy should not be on there–she still a virgin..Well your mofoz know what i Niggaz like Dj Quick should really make that list–but still your ppl must uinderstand some of them heads that your niggaz up there from me are mentioning should make that list…Most of them only had one or two hot records of one album some of them–SO nigga i don’t know about that Big pun { don’t get me wrong kid was nice} but fuck out of here—talk to me bout epmd–pete rock & cl smooth–but fuck missy and pun–not yet bastardz

  • Lil Roe

    Missy Elliot… the infamous words of Carlton Banks….tsk “squared”….I co-sign wit the homie “HOLLA”…Snoop is cool….don’t know about Whodini…yeah, they had a hit but no mainstream acceptance or for that matter legendary status…but, I agree…ATCQ, Dr.Dre, Jay-Z?(can’t remember if he’s been “honored”)…Nas….but Missy and I don’t ever recall “New Jack Swing” being synonomous with HIP HOP….at best, that shit is a wack, lousy, lame ass off-shoot….

  • doctor69

    I agree missy? where special ed , das fex, fu snickens, stethisonic, matter fact where main source , brand nubian, just adding those on to others not mentioned , also why not cypress hill ,the juice crew , lords of the underground fucking missy and still explain to me why biggie got in before kool g rap and that’s the man who grandfathered biggie whole style but shout to my cousin teddy reily but where a plus lol

  • Streets Is Watchin

    fucking boo! i mean i fucks wit snoop and missy but this shit here is so uncool shame on vh1

  • Bmore

    Queen Latifah, Whodini They Cool, naughty by nature, outkast, Snoop Dem Da Next People Due They Trippin Hard!

  • CaLi Kid

    VH1 are so stupid and senseless they don’t no what real hip hop acts to honor but honor hip pop bullshit that ruined the whole culture as we know it today. Why honor Whodini, Snoop Dogg, Missy etc they are average levelartists but not true hip hop pioneers who need to be honored by VH1 in their Fourth Annual show! Their 20007 honorees should have been true, pioneering, groundbreaking acts that helped pioneer the whole movement

    like Queen Latifah (pioneer in female hip hop), DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince (1st rap act to crossover to the mainstream and 1st rap act to win a Grammy, Outkast (a dope hip hop duo), Scarface (pioneered Dirty South Rap), Dr. Dre (the greatest hip hop producer of all time), Hype Williams (directed the best hip hop videos of all time) and Kool G Rap (One of the greatest underated acts of all time)! But I know VH1 will never take this list into consideration as the people who choose the honorees don’t know what the fuck hip hop culture is except for singin and dancing!