lil-wayne1.jpgLil Wayne will perform at the “Increase the Peace” concert at Bears & Eagles Riverfront Stadium in Newark, NJ on Saturday, August 18. The concert will start at 5:30 pm and will also feature performances by Swizz Beatz, Trey Songz and Tony Sunshine. Tickets range from $30 to $75 and can be purchased by calling 1-866-55-4BEAR.

Earlier this year, former Ruff Ryders MC and BET 106 & Park freestyle champion, Jin, released a tribute song to Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama entitled “Open Letter 2 Obama.” Now, the first Asian-American MC to sign with a major label is doing more than making tribute songs, he’s leading the charge on Obama’s presidential campaign. According to the Post-Bulletin, Jin registered as a member of Obama’s street team and was recently seen registering voters in Manhattan. “Aren’t you the guy who won on 106 & Park?,” one individual on the street asked Jin. “I’m tryin’ to change the world, B,” Jin responded. “It’s bigger than rap.”

After a week of protest by community leaders and the Camden Police Department, Swizz Beatz was allowed to perform yesterday (July 26) at the “Peace on the Streets” rally in Camden, NJ. According to the Courier Post, a group led by Rev. Tim Merrill of the Bethel United Methodist Church asked the event’s organizers to cancel the rally or remove Swizzy from the bill due to his song “It’s Me Snitches,” which Merrill and the Camden Police Department claimed promoted an anti-snitching message. Cooler heads prevailed, though, and Swizz performed at the event, agreeing to censor his lyrics. “I know there has been a lot of negativity,” Swizz told the crowd. “We lettin’ everybody know we can come together and do positive things for the kids. When I say ‘It’s Me Snitches,’ I’m not talking about doing anything with cops. ‘It’s Me Snitches’ is a fun thing. Sometimes people get it mixed up.”