Q-Tip Preps New Solo LP

q-tip.jpgA Tribe Called Quest frontman, Q-Tip, is returning to hip-hop with a new solo album, The Renaissance, this fall on Motown Records. The LP features the new single, “Work It Out,” which is available to download for free at Tip’s MySpace page, www.myspace.com/qtipmusic.com. “’Work It Out’ is a feel good song,” says Q-Tip. “It is indicative of The Renaissance; thought provoking, dance friendly, fun and last but not least hip-hop.”

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  • Freddy(Vega$)

    Real Hip Hop is coming back, all ya’ll phonies better watch out……CURTIS…..

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    This may be a sign …

  • Caine

    Mane, dis nigga suck. Let me find out ya’ll wait on Tip’s album…and I ain’t talkin bout TI…

  • mass

    well obviously dis nigga caine ain’t aware of the influence q-tip has on hip hop. q-tip is the real and the first t.i.p. in hip hop my nig:) show some respect.by the way ya boy t.i. know who q-tip is…”now why you wanna go and do that love huh”… that’s a t.i. quote that he got from the real t.i.p. do your research before you start talkin bout the tribe. west up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stoneyisland

    Not a bad joint, his first CD was the shit, not the same ole cars hoes and clothes bullshit, I will mos def scoop up his new joint, been a long time coming. The link to his site must be fucked up cuz the joint doesnt play or let you download it????? somebody put this joint on limewire:)

  • xtc

    yeah curtis is knda phoney but not like young joc dat nigga is wack come on q tip do ur thing

    now q-tip

    hell yeah

  • http://www.yahoo.com Streets Is Watchin

    is the abstract here to help save us from snap-n-trap musik yay

  • http://www.myspace.com/thelowends Fat Tony


  • jacquez
  • Caine

    @ Mass…

    And personally homie I really don’t give a fuck. Opinions is like assholes, everybody got one. Nowhere in my comment did I disrespect dat nigga. I justed stated my opinion of his rap style and music. So respect my mind pimpin’!

  • 7700

    “Y u wanna go and do that love huh?, makin love for me towards u harder.”


    Aye just chill my boy, TI don’t need an under educated mind campainig his dominace over a Hip Hop legend. Read up, then reply bro.

    -BBoy- (Reign $upreme Ent.)



  • izzik haze

    it’s about time for hip hop to be showing a different expression than drug dealin,acting ignorant,and getting pussy all day.
    even though I love that about hip hop, sometimes you want a safe record thats hot, but safe enough to play around your seeds. I think Q-tip can give us that record, if he didn’t turn gangsta on us..!

  • Jeevan

    AINT NOBODY BUYING THIS SHIT.allthese old rappers keep tryin but aint nobody fuckin buyin.im a rapper