swizz-12.jpgCommunity and religious leaders are now planning to protest an appearance by Swizz Beatz at the “Peace on the Streets” rally scheduled for today in Camden, NJ. According to the Courier Post, a group led by Rev. Tim Merrill of the Bethel United Methodist Church is asking the event’s organizers to either cancel the rally or remove Swizzy from the bill. The Camden Police Department withdrew its support of the gathering yesterday (July 25) after concerns arose over Swizz’s lyrics and their perceived anti-snitching message. "It's one of the stupidest things in the history of this city's attempt at peace—to bring a negative to try to produce a positive is one of the most flawed ideas I have ever heard," said Rev. Merrill. Sponsors of the event have promised that Swizz will not be performing his hit single “It’s Me Snitches” and that he will censor any vulgar or violent lyrics during his performance. The well-respected producer defended his lyrics in a statement issued to the Associated Press on Tuesday (July 25). "The use of the word 'snitches' in the song was just an edit for radio," the statement read. "If I supported violence or the 'Stop Snitching' campaign, I wouldn't have agreed to be a part of the event.”