New Jersey Police Object to Swizz Beatz Appearance at Peace Rally

swizz-11.jpgPolice in Camden, NJ are objecting a scheduled appearance by producer Swizz Beatz at the city’s “Peace on the Streets” rally planned for tomorrow (July 26). According to the Associated Press, authorities are up in arms over the anti-snitching message they believe Swizzy is promoting through his music. The renowned producer’s single, “It’s Me Snitches,” has been burning up the airwaves in the tri-state area, but some critics have questioned its perceived message. The Camden Police want Swizz to renounce his anti-snitching comments because they feel he is promoting a policy that encourages citizens to avoid cooperation with authorities. Camden city officials say they have been assured that Swizz will not be rapping about violence or promoting any negative messages, and that the two songs he’s scheduled to perform will carry positive messages.

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  • these posts are racist

    Want to end anti-snitching sentiment? End police brutality. End the policy of harassing people to get information on someone else. End the policy of scaring people into giving you information. End fabricating and planting evidence on people. There’s history and context to everything folks.

  • EReal

    Fuck Pigs.

  • Ay Yurp

    The actual title of this cut is, “It’s me Bitches.” For the police in Camden, NJ it should be, “It’s me, dumb-ass.”






    bitch ass police


    fuck the police

  • Larry Brite

    IT’S ME SNITCHEZZZ!!!! (i like that song – w.t.f?)


    Bizzle sucks dick, swiss is one of the hottest producers out, nigga!

  • X Marks Da Spot

    I agree wit dude wit the 1st comment. Swizz is nice, don’t hate, you all have bumped Ruff Ryders music at some point in your life. It’s Me “Snitches” is just the edited word for the track. Everyone knows he says It’s Me “Bitches” on the dirty cut. Bizzle, get a life and stop double postin u dick! They fckin wit him cause they messin wit everyone who was around Busta on the video shoot where my man got shot. Busta, Yayo and now Swizz. Finding a pattern here?

  • R K

    1st dude had it right. theres a reason nobody cooperates with the corrupt-ass pig-patrol. police wanna shoot an unarmed man 50 fuckin times on his wedding day and then excpect us to work with them?

  • calico

    swizz aint gon promote snitchn

  • Caine

    Camden can’t get no worse…fuck da holice!


    Get over it, the po-lice don’t like nothing to do with hip-hop. It’s a peace rally Swizz would bring out more people out to hear the peace message, isn’t that the point to spread the word. When these people see an hear there peer talk about or being associated with peace why would that be bad. The song they hear on the radio is a clean version, do your homework before you open your mouth. Like momma said if you assume you make an ass out of u an me. Stay TUNED2IT

  • brebre


  • Jew-Z

    the police are my heroes and you guys should just shut up. i snitch on everyone i can, it’s the only way to know that i am safe.


    man fuck the police and fuck you jew-z if ur serious. it aint my business to go talk to the fuckin police about sum1 else , if the motherfuckers got off they lazy ass and were around for crimes they would be able to handle that shit themselves. fuck the police and fuck all u snitches.

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  • YyyIt’sAC

    Why do average joes always put down niggas that is making money saying they suck…obviously they don’t suck that bad if they big enuf to have major money with major haters…Keep that “he sucks” talk to yourself u can’t stop them and u aint gon convince any1 to agree with you if all you’re saying is “he sucks”

    At least try puttin in some facts on why he sucks…other than that keep that Middle school talk off of here U just takin up space

  • Tasha

    Yall just bunch of hater but yeah swizzy was making peace in camden cause I was there he was telling everyone to put up there peace signs but yeah that rally was nice every one left after swizz left it was suppose to be from 6 to but it ended early cause swizz left

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