mos-def2.jpgRapper/actor Mos Def appeared in a Chicago courtroom yesterday (July 23) to testify on the behalf of Aaron Patterson, a former death row inmate who is currently fighting weapon and drug charges. In 2004, Paterson allegedly brokered a heroin deal to a government witness and attempted to buy a machine gun. Mos Def, who met Paterson five years ago at a symposium, called him “a good man” in court and claimed, “he’s definitely an asset to the community. He cares a great deal for his people.” This is not the first brush with the law for Patterson. The 43-year-old was previously convicted of two murders and spent 17 years in prison. In 2003, though, he was pardoned and released from prison by Illinois governor, George Ryan, after it was revealed that police brutally tortured Paterson.