twista4.jpgFast food giant McDonald’s has cut Chicago MC, Twista, from its upcoming McDonald’s Live Tour following complaints about the rapper’s lyrical content. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, McDonald’s is scrambling to find a replacement artist for the tour, which is now without a headliner for six of its nine scheduled dates. In a statement issued on Friday (July 27), the fast food chain defended the decision. “McDonald's USA made the decision following concerns raised about the artist's controversial lyrics,” the statement read. “Although we respect free speech and artistic expression, we do not condone or perpetuate derogatory language.” Although Twista has been cut from the McDonald’s Live bill, the move won’t affect the fast spitting MC’s pockets. Participating performers are not being paid for their appearances, and will only benefit from the free promotional coverage of the shows, which will take place in the parking lots of McDonald’s franchises in ten cities across the country. Just last month, Twista came under fire for his lyrics when his name was included in a billboard campaign waged by Chicago’s St. Sabina Catholic Church. The advertisements, which were erected across the city, labeled artists such as Twista and Lil Wayne as “trash,” and slammed them for perpetuating messages of violence and degradation.