Master P Replaces Bill Clinton as NAACP Keynote Speaker

master-p1.jpgYesterday (July 11), former President Bill Clinton was scheduled to speak at the Cobo Center in Detroit, Mich. for an NAACP town-hall meeting. The forum, which saw more than 1,000 NAACP members attend, addressed the idea of a “new state of young Black America” and tackled issues such as poverty, education, politics and health. Clinton, who is jokingly referred to as the “first Black President,” was scheduled to be the keynote speaker, but at the last minute, he canceled his appearance. “It was on his calendar and it was on our program,” Deidre Malone of the NAACP told the Detroit News. “We are not quite sure if the NAACP got a solid confirmation that he was coming, but we got a confirmation that he won’t be able to make it here.” So who did the NAACP find as a replacement? Master P, of course. According to the Detroit Free Press, the No Limit founder talked to the audience about becoming strong Black leaders and placing value in education. “Don’t be afraid to make a change,” P said. “I come from the ghetto. I’m a living witness that you can make it.” Master P also addressed the controversy surrounding hip-hop lyrics, telling the audience that hip-hop needs to be fixed but it shouldn’t be used as a cop out for African-American’s social problems. “I was once part of the problem,” P said. “But I realized, by having kids, that if I’ve got to get in the car and turn down my own music, something is wrong and I’ve got to fix it.”

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  • Holla

    LOL that’s the best replacement they could find….damn homey u go from Clinton to washed up Master P…lol

  • jburg

    I am so sick of this dude! who died and made him the new black leader? man fuck so-called black leaders. all of them are rich and really don’t give a fuck about the lower class. and why is everything about hip hop? man if you offended the don’t buy it. simple and fucking plain. blame the fucking parents!!

  • hh

    well he is washed up. his career drowned out well b4 katrina but the shit he ben sayin lately is reel talk. hip hop does need a new direction and i think most artist wnt risk their record sales to change.

    but at the same time im not sure if p is ginuine or if he jus needs sum publicity

  • brebre


  • EReal

    Hypocrtie / Sellout

  • http://xxl eric

    yall tried of master p well get off your ass and do sumthing everybody they have on dis site yall hate on/ check out p

  • Eric from the ‘Ville

    a man try to do something positive and he is a sellout? THAT is the problem with our culture

  • Loony T

    master p… wow.. what the fuck does he know hes a sellout

  • eric

    how is he a sellout?

  • MannyWallace

    I wonder this too…

  • rice

    I wonder about certain things I read on here and I’m hoping that some of what is being said on this site is the result of children using the internet and not people who think before they speak. Why is it when a man who admits that he was once a part of the problem and now wants to be a part of the solution is viewed as a sellout. Then on the other hand when other artists talk about shooting, selling drugs (coke rap), and things that shouldn’t be glorified in any community, they are keeping it real. Wake up folks. . . better yet, go turn on BET and look at something that appeals to you, like Hot Ghetto Mess.

  • illp

    Comme on ppl the boy is tryin to fool all off us look master said is next cd coming out september 4 2007 and to all real hip hop fan love him or not you all know that is the same date as 50 cent drop is cd Curtis so Master know that if he get ppl on is side is cd might sales alot more expexct so he simply wanna score big number and get the money and im sure after that boy go back to is old lyrics so don’t play that boys game and doo the beat by gettin Curtis on sept 4 2007 go cop that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • VLsteve

    Bill Clinton was the keynote speaker??? Ha

  • Doctor69

    XXL please more dipset news so i could hate some more!!!

  • Doctor69

    XXL please more dipset news so i could hate some more!!!

  • Clarette Sutton

    I say,

    It is the beginning of an evolution when the dead rises again and a new birth begins. Or maybe it is resurrection power. The “N” word, as well as “bitch” and “ho” is buried by blacks, so where should a ma go. We are a divided race and so be it. Change comes from inward ability and not outward ability. Let Master P keep HOPE alive, nobody else showed up and where were you. You are only on this site because of equal rights and leaders from the NAACp that died for all of us. So Holla

  • Fresh air

    Master p equals success! A man with a white tee who made money owning a legal job without sitting on his momma front porch pushing drugs. A person who takes care of his FAMILY without putting them in harms way. Their is a lot of brothers out their who have the courage to fire a weapon against his own people but dread improve the community inwhich he slepts in !! Hola back you fake and sorry excuse for a men..

  • stoneyisland

    I repsect Master P as a successful black businessman. He has made over half a billion dollars over his career, you have never heard any baby mama drama from him, he has raised his son into a fine young brother who is about to go to USC, why would all you hating ass so called black peop0le try and clown this man? We are our own worst enemy, as long as you vrab barrell mentality ass clowns keep holding us down as a race. Master P, keep doing your thing my brother, continued success.

  • Dfrazier

    P is the realest and always will be under Pac. LIsten he’s doing poistive things and we want to bring him down because we think it’s cute to be a thug and do bad things. We think that what meakes us a G. P is G, an OG who made money, made his brothers millionare and turned his son into one. Dont hate respect the game, work hard and you too can be successful and not be a hater b/c that’s what you are.

  • iliveonce

    DURING THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT THERE WAS SOME BLACK PEOPLE WHO HAD PREFERRED NOT TO REBELL OR PROTEST. The haters in this forum are probably descendants of house niggas.House niggas are just as bad if not worst than racist. DO YOU’RE THING “P” FOR THE ONLY THING PERMANENT IS CHANGE!!!

  • DazMag

    Hey ILLP, P putting that album sale money into positive african american organizations. This is the album he putting out September 4th. He ain’t making money off of it, he just putting it out to do something positive. I look at these clowns who posting negative shit, and It’s a fucking disgrace. C’mon people since when is making a change and doing something positive equal sellout/and something looked upon negatively. That is what is wrong with the African American culture. You motherfuckers is what is bringing this culture down.

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  • Журналист

    Спасибо, интересно почитать)

  • adrain frye

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