Ludacris Readies New DTP Compilation Album, Strength in Numbers

ludacris-11.jpgLudacris will release his third Disturbing Tha Peace Records compilation album, Strength in Numbers, on August 28. The LP features two singles: “Duffle Bag Boy” by Playaz Circle featuring Lil Wayne and “Celebrity Chick” by Ludacris, Chingy, Steph Jones and Small World. A video for “Celebrity Chick” was shot in Los Angeles this week and will premier later this month. A video for “Duffle Bag Boy” will make its debut on BET’s Access Granted on July 18. The complete tracklisting for Strength in Numbers is as follows.

1. “Celebrity Chick” – by Chingy, Steph Jones, and Small World
2. “Hot Tamales” by Small World, Chingy, and Serius Jones
3. “Jealous Of Me” by Small World, Shawn Jay, and Tity Boi
4. “Don’t Check Me” by Ludacris, Playaz Circle, and I-20
5. “Windy City” by Block Xchange, Shawnna, and Ludacris
6. “The Game” by Shareefa, Serius Jones, Chingy, and Small World
7. “DTP” by Willy Northpole and I-20
9. “Speakers In the Trunk” by Brolic D and Tity Boi
10. “Let’s Go”(Remix) by Bobby Valentino featuring Lil’ Fate
11. “Duffle Bag Boy” by Playaz Circle featuring Lil’ Wayne
12. “Live On Stage” by DTP Family (including Small World, Brolic D, Playaz Circle, Smoke, Willy Northpole, and Ludacris)
13. “Act Like Us” by Playaz Circle, Serius Jones, and Willy Northpole
14. “We Ain’t Worried ‘Bout U” by Ludacris

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  • Ziggy

    Yo there one of the hottest niggas in the souf rite now boi… dtp drop nothin but fire they always on top

  • Larry Brite

    Field Mob??

  • Atl’s own

    Now this is an album i can look forward to!

  • Juan

    Larry Brite Says:

    July 11th, 2007 at 10:51 am
    Field Mob??

    True what happened to them

  • youknow

    Word on the street is field mob has split up, and are pursuing solo careers.

  • Caine

    ” Gone Lil Duffel Bag Boyyyyy” Yeah dats dat shit…Album should be aiight.

  • jacquez
  • DJ

    chingy???? lol chingy?? like c’mon

  • DJ PLZ

    What you mean … chingy???

    Chingy has been on his grind since he dropped his first album under DTP. His first album may have been his best, but even after he left DTP … he was still staying about water. I’m A Balla (w/ Lil Flip) and “Holding Me Back” (w/Tyrese), both on two different albums that did decent with record sales.

    But Chingy getting back with DTP is a good look.

  • ridda

    dem field mob niggaz split up

  • R.C.

    i don’t know if they broke up but they’re on there; Smoke & Shawn Jay (tracks #3 & #12)

  • L.P.

    Did u know that ludacris gave that bisexual negro chingy a second record? After chingy sued his a@@
    i am confused did ludacris get a blow job or something?

  • facescar

    DTP is the shit, fuck Grand Hustle

  • livefromthe225

    there should be more records w/ Serius Jones and less with ching-a-ling tha one that loves ding-a-ling..matter of fact there should be no chingy records…he’s ass (quite homo)

  • Streets Is Watchin

    serius jones and chingy…i aint even gotta finish the thought

  • Anthony

    Field mob…are HERE…but not together…the group is composed by…shawn jay and smoke…shawn jay is on the TRACK NUMBER 3 and smoke is on the TRACK NUMBER 12 =) DTP =) DTP =) DTP FOR LIFE baby !