KRS-One’s Stepson Found Dead in Possible Suicide

krs-one.jpgThe body of Randy Hubbard Parker, stepson of legendary MC KRS-One, was found in his Atlanta apartment this past weekend in an apparent suicide. The 23-year-old was the son of KRS’s wife Simone Parker. In a statement released today, Randy’s mother attributed his death to a bout with “severe depression.” According to a report from MTV News, the Fulton County Medical Examiner’s office said Parker was killed by a single gunshot wound to the head, and the death has been classified as a suicide.

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  • kingt


  • hh

    dam thats fucked up. i gess he was so depressed b kuz krs was such a bad father bkuz he was to buzzy masterbating off of hip hop.
    i coud c it now ” dad coud u play catch wit me” “no son im in the studio makin luv to the mic”

  • EReal

    I wish dude hapiness in his afterlife.

    Sad shit. *SMH*

    1 hunned.

  • Cool

    stay strong blast master .

    my prayers are with you and your family .

  • illp


  • My Effin’ Opinion

    You would think that being KRS-One’s stepson would have some sort of excitement to it (being around Hip Hop and having contacts and such) …

    It goes to show you, happiness aint about money or fame or nothing. Happiness comes from within yourself. It ain’t material.


    yo this goes to HH ey yo homie if u die hope a dogs runs by ur grave and pisses on it fo real dont be sayin shit like dat while someone died for real u punk u the right one talking i bet you do nuttin but masturbate not masterbate u illiterate mutha fucka haha
    yeah and RIP dats a tragedy my blessings go out to KRS one and his family

  • Danny


    Hopefully the Joe Budden CD drops before he looses his “Bout” with “Depression”…

    (Sorry, but some one had to say it)

  • flip beats ,staten island

    my prays are with you and your family , r.i.p.


    Yo shout to KRS his fam and all who loved his little mann. The way the bible say we should rejoice in the passing cause there going to a better place an shed a tear for the new born. I know suicide is a sin but we were all born sinners. Peace to the sun moon and stars yo.

  • R.C.

    fuck HH… condolences to The Parker Family

  • LOL


  • Can’t knock us down

    Fck HH u bitch, ain’t notthin funny bout this type of tragedy. True hip hop fans show love to artists cause we understand they have a life behind the music, a family to go home to and feed. Show some Respect.

    Keep your head up KRS. Real hip hop fans got yo back.

  • reddsdabaddest

    my deepest sympathy and prayers goes out to KRS and his FAM in their time of need, and to anyone who will say somethin raunchy about the brother or his parenting skills yall all going to HELL..LOL This is his step son, he could’ve had mental issues with his REAL daddy not bieng there…yall neva knew and now never will, so just let the man be and leave KRS and the rest of his fam to greave.

  • Jcrillz

    Respect the elder gods

  • triplesixninja


  • A R 15

    Yo rest in peace, having a family and trying to compete in the rap game is harder than ever these days, just another soldier lost in the game..

  • gteach

    “It goes to show you, happiness aint about money or fame or nothing. Happiness comes from within yourself. It ain’t material.”
    -My Effin’ Opinion


  • doctor69

    rip to randy and prayers and condelences to the parker family hh and lol remember when vince mcmachon beat God in a match then he had a death angle on wrestling choose your words more kindly what goes around comes back around ten fold remember that chump, danny stay up and you can still go fuck yourself

  • Back Once Again

    Go peep the internets celebrity video if you wanna see the real Billy Sunday.

    Fat Hypocrite.

  • Cuban Link

    Damn, I heard about this on Hot 97 like and hour or two ago.Man, RIP kid, keep ya head up Kris

  • Cuban Link

    and a special shout out, Fuck you HH youz a bitch son fuckouttahere

  • Cuban Link

    and @ danny, what cracks me up is how hard u try and get noticed and have someone say “haha that was funny Danny!” but noone ever does

  • BklynBandette

    To The Teacher:

    My Prayers are with you and your family. Keep your heads up, and hold Simone down 4Real 4Real.

    Peace & Blessings.

  • Stax On Deck

    So sad………
    Rest In Peace………..

  • Who Want What

    thats crazy r.i.p. to the cat for real…
    and as for ya boy hh you dumb ass i hope you from arkansas somewhere talkin all retarded like yall aint got no home trainin cant be from my neck o da woods, danny yous a bitch ass too joe budden’ll get la reid to t bag you (i hear you into that shit)

  • Mr. Smith

    I grew up with BDP.
    My prayers or with the Parker family.
    Sincerely Yours,
    Mr. Smith

  • double u tee ef

    wats so bad that u gotta kill urself, people dream of being in his position and he took the pussy way out

  • Doctor69

    i just exposed myself sayin i watch dudes wrestle in their undearwear my bad!!!oh well im gay as hell

  • Doctor69

    i just exposed myself sayin i watch dudes wrestle in their undearwear my bad!!!oh well im gay as hell

  • jacquez
  • the quest

    he was prolly so depressed kuz krs spent most of his time in the booth masterbating to hiphop. ican see it now. daddy can u play catch with me, no son im bizzy making luv to tru hiphop

  • hh

    replying to the real deal. its pretty easy to call sum 1 illeterate wen u made the words dog and run plural