Juvenile Back In The Studio With Mannie Fresh for Upcoming Album

juvenile1.jpgIt has only been a year since Juvenile’s last album — 2006’s Reality Check — but the New Orleans native is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming LP with longtime producer Mannie Fresh. The album, which is still untitled, will be tentatively released this fall on UTP/Atlantic Records. “I done matured a lot, ‘cause you know my kids is getting older,” Juve told XXLMag.com about the direction of his new music. “It’s not all about Juve no more. Me and Mannie been back in the studio [and] I had to humble myself down…pimp down a level. I just want people to listen to this album and realize the time behind it. Realize the amount of years that I been around to still be doing what I’m doing and at the caliber I’m doing it.” While Juve is hoping to release the album this fall, even he admits he doesn’t know exactly when it will drop. “I don’t know nothing,” Juve told XXLMag.com. “I’m just doing songs. I’m a background player on this one. I’m a let Mannie and Atlantic call the shots.”

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  • crown_holder23

    all i can say is JUVE’ damn i hope he do it big that may dog foreal and with mannie fresh this gone be something to wait for

  • csuave03

    I love Juve music, he tore it down when I last saw him in ‘cert. Can’t wait for the new album

  • brebre


  • Caine

    Shit should be aiight. I fux wit Juve…

  • livefromthe225

    those are some big silly glasses/shades he got on…but the album should be smoke!

  • HollyHood

    i want some of that old 400 degrees g code shit!!!
    hit me up let me know what u think

  • J

    So what… Juvenile sucks IMO..

  • Ziggy

    Yo Juve is that nigga. I from tha souf. Atlanta actually an ol cash money were my straight up favorite.. they the reason i start gettin big into the game an shit. I could relate to such young niggas in tha game bein a young nigga myself.. ya dig. i coped pretty much ere cash money album..tha hot boys were ma favorite group by far.. an yo afta tha break up i still listen to bg. juve. wayne. . turk on lockdown but he always do his thang in his days.. i dont look at baby as too much of a lyrical rapper its always the same shit but he know how to promote niggas an is a wicked producer same wit fresh… but the hot boys from the time they started till now i think they all dope…but weezy gettin the most attention by far..that nigga a monsta on tha fuckin mic.. ya dig..cant wait fo juves new shit…the mixtapes he bin puttin out from reality check till now have bin pretty dope too,….

  • Bonafide

    I dont giv a fuck what anyone says. Juve delivered the best album in the Cash Money catalouge. 400 degrees was dat shit

  • http://hrt_blckyahoo.com kennykay

    i love juvie thats my nigga. He thuggin’ doing his thang.

  • http://myspace.com/loonyt Loony T

    Juvenile ft. T-Pain – On Everything

    Go Juve, keepin that souf on top

  • http://xxlmag.com Mighty mighty t.n.

    im hearin waynes shit more than juve’s but with all the man kissin goin down i might just hafta cop this

  • traebizzo

    If he top 400 degreez then he got the rap hall of fame.

  • krills

    how can you be over 30 and still call yourself juvenile? even wack bow wow dropped the lil’ once he turned 18 and baby? come on now b.g. always stood for baby gangsta but he never mentions it and baby calls him self the birdman and a few years ago lil’ weezy started to call himself birdman jr. yet they always talkin bout big money? coincidence???

  • Doctor69

    i have t-pains album and i play it all the time especially when im having sex with my pops!!!

  • Doctor69

    i have t-pains album and i play it all the time especially when im having sex with my pops!!!

  • Indeed

    Fuck Juvie he wack!!

    • teezy

      boy u out yo top

  • EReal

    Juve is that dude man, I just talked to em last week. Swear Bro. We went to the Buck / Juve concert at Destiny and nukkas started shootin in there so we got our money back n dipped. We stopped for gas and Juve is there with his crew eatin pork rinds and shit, so we kicked it with em for a hot one. He was a real dude, not all superstar security get away from me n shit, just a real cat. I got respect for that. He was bumpin some of his new ish and it was fire man, forreal. So imma be coppin that, Juves been at it a long time.

    1 hunned.

  • triplesixninja

    props to juve

  • VLsteve

    - soulja slim –
    still the last great southern lyricist RIP

  • TUNED1+1IT

    Yo Juve is the ish, ever since he left cash money his work has gotten better an better w/o all of the other no talent rappers on his traxx like lil’wayne an b.g. an those others that I cant remember.

  • Back Once Again

    Go peep the internets celebrity video if you wanna see the real Billy Sunday.

    Fat Hypocrite.

  • TRZT


  • http://www.suburbanboy.com sb james

    I think that juvie is the s*%#, and hopes that him and b.gizzle do more songs together. basically with turk, and even do more songs with cashmoney.

  • Wardie

    I’m from New Orleans, downtown but I still cutt 4 Juve. The Hot Boys was da most influential rap group fo da South as far as nation wide recognition. Mannie Fresh single handedly changed the sound of rap music w/ dem fast pace drum beatz. Today every Southern producer has adapted to that style. Turn on the radio and Listen!! Bow ya head as show some respect!

  • F8L

    Jus Showin’ RESPECT Where RESPECT Is Due!!!

    Big Ups