juvenile1.jpgIt has only been a year since Juvenile’s last album — 2006’s Reality Check — but the New Orleans native is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming LP with longtime producer Mannie Fresh. The album, which is still untitled, will be tentatively released this fall on UTP/Atlantic Records. “I done matured a lot, ‘cause you know my kids is getting older,” Juve told XXLMag.com about the direction of his new music. “It’s not all about Juve no more. Me and Mannie been back in the studio [and] I had to humble myself down…pimp down a level. I just want people to listen to this album and realize the time behind it. Realize the amount of years that I been around to still be doing what I’m doing and at the caliber I’m doing it.” While Juve is hoping to release the album this fall, even he admits he doesn’t know exactly when it will drop. “I don’t know nothing,” Juve told XXLMag.com. “I’m just doing songs. I’m a background player on this one. I’m a let Mannie and Atlantic call the shots.”