Iron Solomon Successfully Defends Fight Klub Title

iron-solomon.jpgIron Solomon, the self-proclaimed “Fresh Prince of Fight Klub,” defended his title last night (July 9) against the Philly upstart Young ZM. The three-round battle took place at Fight Klub’s billiard-style studio on 38th and 9th avenue in New York City and was the main event of the night’s four-bracket diss fest. The obvious favorite, New York’s Iron Solomon, found no trouble combining freestyles and pre-writes to win over the crowd in the early stages. Solomon bragged to the Philly rapper “…[this] is beef you can’t handle on your New York trip, ‘cause you’re a Philly cheese steak and I’m a New York strip…you should spend your whole life in hiding-like RuPaul’s dick.”

The judges — Saigon, Cassidy, Hurricane Chris and Ralph McDaniels — were delighted in what Cassidy called Solomon’s “ability to keep it funny and then flip it on some serious shit.” The crowd, an assortment of fans and New York hip-hoppers such as Joell Ortiz and DJ Clark Kent concurred with Cassidy’s co-sign. After calling out Murda Mook, who backed out of battling Solomon a day before, Solomon was unanimously declared the victor of a contest Saigon joked was “over by the second round.”

Story by Will Johnson

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  • Back Once Again

    Word! Tight work!


    If these bloggers get their feelings hurt they delete your shiz to keep you from knowing the truth. Yet, they preech knowledge and understanding. Hypocrites.


  • Rob


  • Caine

    Damn, I wish I was der. Oh well. Big Up to Solomon…

  • Reef

    Murda Mook backed out of a battle. (in scooby doo voice) WHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAhhhh? Murda Fluke is a fraud and Millz exposed his ass

    Why Philly gotta get murked? :0(

  • http://www.YouTube.Com Young Philly

    Yooo. I just looked up Young ZM Cuz im from Philly and i was like “who da fuck is this nigga” and “why would he wanna battle solomon” cuz anybody know that a “pre-written” battle rapper can not beat a VERY GOOD “freestyler” and frankly i haven’t seen a good “freestyler” as good as Solomon…EVER. So back to “ZM” this nigga is a NOBODY from Philly. NOBODY has ever heard of him, or seen him, or even know who da fuck he is. So THUMBS DOWN to giving Iron Solomon (A TREX) an easy win (A LAMB).

    • Anonymous

      this is yung caspa this is for all of the what to be battle rappers this a rap.
      pussy nigga get killa qick drop bomes got guns for tha real shit

  • http://www.YouTube.Com Young Philly

    and when i say “Pre written” battle rapper i mean the judges too. Cassidy, Saigon, Joel Ortiz, None of them can beat solomon in the art of freestyle, now pre-writtens, punchlines, songs, concepts. thats yet to be determined but as far as this freestyle shit, Solomon has it.

  • Incilin

    nigga where can i seee the video?

  • Cool

    I have to hear this cat flow I never heard of him before .

  • GMAN

    does he have any music?

  • Slated Best

    Quote of the night: “I’m only battling you cause Murda Mook was scurrrred”

  • brebre


  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Iron Solomon is aaite, but I really can’t hear him on a track.

  • CoolCalmMe

    My Effin’ Opinion: I don’t really hear you on a track either-in fact, I don’t really hear you at all-you’re writing on a web-based hiphop forum. As for Hurricane Chris being a judge-Ay Bay Bay is probably the stupidest song I’ve evar heard-can Solomon top that? Probably won’t be too hard-I hope. Lastly, is Brebre a name based on the Hurricane Chris track?

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  • GodzGift

    Right-battling is like the new Breakdancing

  • Back Once Again

    Go peep the internets celebrity video if you wanna see the real Billy Sunday.

    Fat Hypocrite.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    @ CoolCalmMe

    You must either know Solomon or You’re just an asshole (Pro’lly both)

    What I was sayin’ was that alot cats that freestyle don’t really sound good on tracks cuz freestylin is a different art (like streetballers and NBA players … You can’t really see Hot Sauce playin on an NBA team, but he’s good at what he does … like Solomon)

    There have been plenty of freestlye cats that are dope at battles but they really don’t sound right on tracks … Serius Jones, 40 Cal, Eyedea, Jin, etc.

    Get off my dick if I ain’t talkin about or to you.

  • slimgoode

    yung zm is the oppsite of solomon a song writter, if the table were turned… ?and why the hell would they match him up with solmon anyway thats like a pitt and a chow chow! zm back be back!!

  • coolcalmme

    My Effin’ Opinion: True. You right. You right.

  • bug

    i no 1 thing zm choked but that never happens even frazer beat ali but yall seen what wappen on the rematch solomon dont want no rematch cause he no zm will be the 1 to trash him itll be a next time trust me money talk and casdaluchi bout they bread

  • dub

    for 1 zm got chewed but i heard his iron solomon dis track and that jon of the meat rack

  • HipHopHead07

    c’mon young Philly…how r u from PHI and aint never heard a Yung Zm? He a beast. ppl talkin shit but all they heard was Solomon’s last round audio…i think ppl will be seein da bull Zm out there doin his thing soon enough.

  • NyStateOfMiNd

    Yo i am a huge solomon fan, and this verse was nothin more then i expected, sick as fuck! But did yaw hear the guy Yung Zm’s diss track? I wont lie, its impressive, u think solomon will respond? Ive never heard a solomon track period so I doubt it. Here it is tho

  • hip hop boy

    yo that diss jon off the hook how he let iron solomon beat him

  • D

    So, ZM BIT murda mook to make a diss track at I.S.?

    Check it yourself, first verse, the bleach stain line. Mook’s been using that for YEARS. If you don’t believe me check it yourself.

    Either way, ZM’s trash. Wack high-school basement beats, wack bitten rhymes, and a weak style. It’s no wonder solomon had the battle over before the second round.

  • cassassin

    Dude solomon is a comedian that rhymes.

    let’s hear him on the track…

  • D

    Cassassin, go up to the EoW some time and peep him over a beat and tell me he’s just a comedian…

    ZM’s whole catalog couldn’t touch this one line from solomon.

    “Adam and eve bit my shit and got banned from the garden on eden”.

    There’s a reason so many labels are eyeing this cat right now, it’s because as it stands he IS one of the most vicious mc’s on the mic. He’s just on a level far and beyond ZM, plain and simple.

  • hip hop boy

    cassassin i feel you zm got over 300 songs hes definitly hotter

  • D

    Having more songs don’t make you hotter then someone else. If you can’t beat them in a battle, you’re not hotter then them. Plain and simple. ZM was out-classed, I don’t know why you people find it so hard to comprehend that white boys can be ill too.

  • hip hop boy


  • bugg

    the iron solomon diss track hotter

  • Cgrizzle

    mook should beat solomon eazy,iron is iight,but that dude ZM is trash. . really “who the fuck is he” anyways,solomon gettin prop’s for beatin NOBODY type dude’zz

  • trinity deep visions

    i realy gotta say iron solomon is great but im realy shocked murda mook was afraid of humiliation

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