havoc1.jpgMobb Deep’s Havoc will release his debut solo album, The Kush, on September 18 on Nature Sounds Records. The LP will be entirely produced by Hav and looks to duplicate the dark and harrowing sounds of Mobb Deep’s earlier work. “The Kush is dark and gutter,” says Havoc. “I really wanted to go that direction. The Kush represents me as an individual and my growth as a producer and lyricist.” According to the producer extraordinaire, plans to release his solo debut always got pushed back due to Mobb Deep’s hectic schedule. “I was always ready, but the reason why it took me so long is because the timing wasn’t right,” Hav says. “I was always working with Mobb Deep material and working with other artists and I used a lot of the material I was going to use for a solo LP for Mobb Deep records.” The tracklisting for The Kush is as follows.

1.) NY For Life (produced by Havoc)

2.) I’m The Boss (produced by Havoc)

3.) By My Side f/40 Glocc (produced by Havoc)

4.) One Less Nigga (produced by Havoc)

5.) Ride Out f/Nyce (produced by Havoc)

6.) Balling Out f/Un Pachino (produced by Havoc)

7.) What’s Poppin Tonite (produced by Havoc)

8.) Class By Myself f/Nitti (produced by Havoc)

9.) Set Me Free f/Prodigy & Nyce (produced by Havoc)

10.) Be There (produced by Havoc)

11.) Hit Me Up f/Un Pachino (produced by Havoc)

12.) Get Off My Dick (produced by Havoc)