ben-chavis.jpgDr. Ben Chavis, CEO and President of H3 Enterprises, the first publicly traded hip-hop company, has acquired eSports TV, a web-based broadcasting company known as the “ESPN of online video gaming.” Along with eSports TV founder and CEO, Jordan Edelson, Dr. Chavis plans on building H3Players, the first online gaming league exclusively geared towards the hip-hop youth. Gamers will be able to compete in matches for prizes, scholarships, merchandise and other rewards. “We are extremely excited about linking with the H3 team, developing the ultimate online gaming platform and playing a captious role in the convergence of online gaming and the hip-hop youth culture,” says Edelson. “Working with Jordan Edelson and eSports TV will catapult H3 into the forefront of the merging business of competitive video gaming,” says Dr. Chavis. “H3Players tournaments will be held regularly at our HipHopSodaShop locations around the world as well as over the web.” For more information on H3 and their video game competitions, visit