dilated.jpgAfter seven years on Capitol Records, California’s premier underground group, Dilated Peoples, have announced their departure from the label. By fulfilling their contract, the crew — comprised of Evidence, Rakka and DJ Babu — will now return to their roots as independent artists. In order to celebrate their newfound freedom, Dilated will drop The Release Party DVD on July 30. Directed by Jason Goldwatch, the film chronicles the crew’s 10 plus years in the game. “It’s us celebrating our independence [and] release from the major label,” Evidence told XXLMag.com. “Jason Goldwatch, who directed a lot of our videos, has been on tour with us forever and he’s been filming. You really get to know us. It’s pretty amazing.” The Release Party shows the ups and downs of Dilated’s career, from starting out as a small indy rap group to scoring a hit song in 2004 with the Kanye West assisted “My Way.” “It’s 10 years in the making,” DJ Babu told XXLMag.com. “We finally sat there, chopped it up and did a dope documentary just lookin’ at where we started and where we’re at. It’s something that was really therapeutic for the group. Our core fans are really gonna dig it.” In addition, the DVD will also come packaged with a bonus CD with seven new songs, remixes and collaborations. The tracklisting for the bonus disc is as follows.

1. “The Release Party”
2. “Spit It Clearly” featuring The Alchemist
3. “Mr. Slow Flow (Remix)” featuring PMD
4. “ETS Anthem”
5. “Olde English (Remix)” featuring Defari
6. “Hot & Cold (Remix)” featuring Casual of Hieroglyphics
7. “The Eyes Have It (OG Version)”