clipse.jpgIn an interview with MTV News, Pusha-T reveals the Clipse are preparing a trip to Miami with The Neptunes this summer to begin working on a follow up album to their XXL rated sophomore LP, Hell Hath No Fury. “We trying to find another direction,” Pusha told MTV News. “[We’ll] go down there and play with the sounds, honestly. We had a long talk, me and [Pharrell], a couple weeks ago. And we just decided we’re gonna lock it with the go-to beats and try to find something new. This next album, we’re really, really trying to take it there. Like creatively, just take it…there and totally reinvent East Coast, fly, drug dealer, club music.”

In the meantime, Malice and Pusha will release the third volume in their acclaimed We Got It 4 Cheap mixtape series later this year. “We’re right in the final stages [of finishing the mixtape,” Pusha told MTV News. “The only thing that slowed us up is the road. This [past] album [Hell Hath No Fury] was definitely our baby. So what was lacking in major promotion or whatever, we wanted to cover that in the streets, we wanted to cover that in our shows. Get in the nooks and crannies of everything. If we not touching the masses, we really want to touch our fans. So we really dedicated ourselves to touring.” At the moment, there is no release date for We Got It 4 Cheap: Vol. 3 or the Clipse’s next full-length album.