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  • ryan

    Chamillitary Mayne!!! Haha, homie sound sleepy as hell

  • Holla

    Can’t wait for the album homie

  • Papa LoneStar

    Can’t wait to jam MTM3 in a few hours!

  • jay dizzle

    cham the best man the best rapper alive no quetion and all yall new fans yall cop dat mixtape messiah 1 its hard to find though…!!!!

  • susie

    thanks for the album and DVD and for showin everybody what Norway is all about

  • susie

    yeah..much love from Norway

  • susie

    yeah i would beat u in bowling man…no doubt


    thanx alot man,mixtape messiah 3 was bomb,i wonder if in this mixtape are any tracks of upcomin will be a retail album out before ultimate victory’s out?


    thanx a lot man,mixtape messiah 3 was bomb,i wonder if will be a retail comin before ultimate victory’s out?

  • narobi904

    houston tx most hated, is one of tha most successful rappers out.multi- lyrical and a huge swagger to the rap game.karon or bible which one would u b choosen


    sorry,i’m so sorry,please delete the 2nd comment.

  • futureblacklawyer

    That was so boring. I like cham though but listening to that was a big waste of my time.

  • yamajesty

    they stole his shit…lol


    I wonder if there will be a retail comin before album’s out.

  • susie

    can someone please tell me what a retail is?