chamillionaire1.jpgChamillionaire will debut a two-part, nine-minute video for “Hip Hop Police” and “Evening News,” at 8:30 pm EST tonight on BET’s Access Granted. “Hip Hop Police,” which features the legendary Slick Rick, is the first single off Cham’s sophomore album, Ultimate Victory. The video for “Hip Hop Police,” which is directed by Mark Klasfeld, is a short film that blends into “Evening News,” another song off the Houston MCs album. “I decided to make two separate videos and put them jointly together because the new album itself plays like a motion picture, with one song setting the stage for the next, before coming together at the very end to convey the message of Ultimate Victory,” says Cham. “I felt the best way that I could drive my point across is to show the visual of both records back to back.” During the video, Chamillionaire plays the role of three characters — a hip-hop cop named Hal Sharpless, a news anchor Bob O’Wildy and a news reporter Cashus Burns. Slick Rick will also make an appearance as Detective Jeffrey Jackson. Ultimate Victory will be released on September 18 on Chamillitary/Universal Motown.