Cassidy Announces Album Title, Reveals Details

cassidy.jpgPhilly rapper Cassidy recently announced the title of his third solo LP to and revealed some details about what fans can expect from the project. Due out September 18 through Swizz Beatz Full Surface Records, the album will be called The Barry Adrien Reese Story (B.A.R.S.), and features appearances from Beanie Sigel, Fabolous and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. Cass, who over the past two years has survived a near fatal car accident and spent a year in jail on an involuntary manslaughter charge, cites his faith in God as a strong influence on the record. “When I was going through problems, from going to jail to the accident, even though I had money, I had power, respect and friends, no one showed up and the only thing that helped me was my faith,” the rapper told “I was so worried about what lawyer I was going to hire and what judge will handle my case, but when I read the scripture, which says it’s better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man, I knew I was going to win and get through it with the Lord on my side.” In addition to Full Surface head Swizz Beatz, B.A.R.S. will also feature production from Scott Storch, Neo Da Matrix, Timbaland and Cool and Dre. The self-proclaimed Problem is also set to release a new mixtape with DJ Green Lantern on July 7 that will feature the first street single from B.A.R.S. and seven exclusive songs.

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  • MAR$(The Kanadian)

    Better bring the heat son!!



  • http://xxlmag brebre

    he can spit but it always feels like he’s tryin too hard (that a battle rapper can make a hit). I can tell he’s constantly aware of it. bottom line, it’s always about showcasing his skill, not making music that move people.

  • W.Montana


  • Rockcity

    Cant wait for it to drop, hope he bring that shit.

  • Vincity972

    Yeah Cass can do better than these wack ass albums he has done…

  • fireforreal

    He’s nice on the mic but just like Fab he has yet to bring a complete album that doesn’t sound forced when you have certaine kind of tracks or collabos.He gotta take it to the next because too many battle rappers bore you because they fall into that comfort zone of what they buitl there career on.

  • Freddy(Vega$)

    This Nigga Cass is a TOP 10 Rapper Period!

  • DirtDoggy

    That new Get Retarded freestyle was sicker than the plauge, they say Lil Wang is the punch line king but Cass would own him on his worst day.

  • suckaniggadickmakeaniggarich

    cosign wit freddy(vegas) and DirtyDoggy
    Papoose cass and hell rell…..the nicest young cats out

  • stoneyisland

    I aint never been locked up but something about prison seems to draw niggas closer to God…..I’m thinking what could it be? the scriptures? divine intervention? or the fact that most of these so called thugs start praying 24/7….24/7 that big dick tyrone doesnt rape them in the shower:)

  • Severe

    cosign wit fireforreal. cass is one of the top 10 rappers in the game today, but he has yet to drop a classic album. just like fabolous, his albums lack content.

  • RY

    Cass is a fucking monster!!!!!!!!! NUFF SAID

  • sigel-street-stand-up

    the kid Cassidy spits crack.his album gonna be fire he gonna step it up on this 1 cass and sigel on a collabo ha cotdamn nigga thats real.Fuck u haters go suck a dick and be usefull

  • Cuban Link

    damn I cant wait for this, hopefully this time, he’ll drop better than ever and do a whole, complete, solid album, which hes defiantly capable of.

  • GAMA


  • People people listen closly

    “i enter the booth and start spitting like im missing a tooth.”


  • kal

    Cass is fer sure one of the greatest rappers in the game rite now..(>hes been on pause witt this shit fer 2 yrs n stilll is better then half these wack ass rappers out there

  • Dub

    Yall already kno dis shit bout 2 be fiyah!!!! Dat nigga Cass is a mufuckin problem!! And lyrically , aint 2 many niggas in da game fuckin wit him

  • Do You

    Do yo thing Cass

  • Mr. Anderson

    Look Cassidy is a problem. He is one of the illest. The only thing I’m looking at is this nigga calling himself Neo Da Matrix. WTF?!? Ever since I had that name in 2001 mothafuckas been coming out the woodwork trying to be me. Ne-Yo, faggot ass nigga spelled it wrong, then you got these bitches. I know I’m a threat, but damn at least wait for a nigga to get his foot in the door before you start cock blocking, fucking pussies! Ask these niggas what they last name is. If it ain’t Anderson you faking jacks, and as we all kno you either one hunned or your fradulant, cuz there ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks, I’m coming BITCHES. And MY NAME IS NEO…..

  • YyyIt’sAC

    Like KAL said this man is just to serious for most these rappers out now, niggas been sleepin on him hard tryin to say his last album wasn’t the truth,

    “Lay ‘em when I see ‘em, AK ‘em when I see ‘em, Hop out the Bronco and OJ ‘em when I see ‘em”

    Straight Fire!!

  • YyyIt’sAC

    I’d put my cake on Cass over any rapper battling against him to…..Battle rapper or not his album gon be SERIOUS!!

  • dirtyjerzy

    Cassidy is the man, he’s definitely better than people make him out to be. He’ll shit on your favorite rappers like wayne, ti, and jeezy period. Remember Freeway? Stop sleeping on the kid cause I see him and Fabolous holding it down for the East.

  • Streets Is Watchin

    he got to have a nice outting this go round seriously, him, millz, grafh they all i got with jay in a blazer shit is lookin bad out here

  • Promised Beauty

    I’m so happy that he’s coming back. I’ve been waiting on the for a such a long time.

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