plies1.jpgOn Monday (July 16), Patrick Monfiston of P Entertainment Promotions filed a suit in an Alabama Circuit Court against Slip-N-Slide/Atlantic Records artist Plies and his management team for breach of contract and slander. According to Monfiston, Plies never showed up to a scheduled performance at a July 8 show in Montgomery, Ala. The next day, however, Plies appeared on Hot 105 justifying his absence by claiming he never received payment to perform. Monfiston has denied the claim and gave a copy of a wire transfer for $5,500 to Plies ISA Bomb Entertainment management team to the Montgomery Advertiser as alleged proof. “Too many artists feel they can come in and do us however they want,” Monfiston told the Montgomery Advertiser. “I’m going to show them they’re wrong. If Plies attempts to perform any show here, I will have him arrested. He must fulfill the terms of his contract first.”