Al Sharpton Wants to Target State Funds Going to Record Labels

sharpton.jpgThe Rev. Al Sharpton recently expressed support for a state senator’s plan to cut state funds to record labels that refuse to act responsibly with regard to rap lyrics. According to the Associated Press, during a trip to Buffalo, NY, Sharpton backed Senator Antoine Thompson’s proposal, which would leverage the funds to open a dialogue with the labels about derogatory lyrics.  Thompson, who requested a breakdown of how these funds are distributed from the state comptroller, says that nearly $3 billion from the state pension fund is invested in the New York entertainment industry. Under his plan, that money would be withheld if the record labels refused to clean up their act.

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  • Caine

    Why don’t they invest 3 Billion in the school system???

  • ri067953

    yo, bullshit. this should pertain to a cut for all music that contians explicit lyrics not only rap

  • freakyfiikkii

    First the Fat Boys break up and now this. Man, some of the entertainment industries in New York who wouldn;t comply with this rule would simply relocate to another city and state. And you know what that means, less money for NY. Come on down to B-more, we would love to take your money, I mean we would love to have you here.

  • BklynBandette

    We Need To Clean Up Our Own Back Yard.

  • derfla the hus’la

    what the? this uncle tom nigga has gone to far, rap lyrics are not at the top of the black community agenda how about aids, broken homes,education all these things come before rap lyrics?

    get this puppet outer here.

  • parkslopien

    As one of our few black leaders , Rev. Al seems determined to take down one of the few things we have. That’s why we have assassinations.

  • parkslopien

    As one of our few black leaders , Rev. Al seems determined to take down one of the few things we have. That’s why we have assassinations.

  • Ant

    What’s Happening to our First amendment rights, We fault so long to get it, to have it taken away from us…(3 billion WOW). I rather have us in the studio than in the State Pens..Oprah can build a school in africa, but in Detroit, Mi and in other states there closing schools..No Education, No jobs here (USA) but build a new Government/ & create Jobs in Iraq..Send money and Guns over there, but starve us, flood us out of homes strand us.. Still they contiue to help and aid countries training everyday to kill us… Mexicans and Blacks killing each other, And G.Bush don’t want either race here in the Untited States..If we all united together think of the power we can have..Priorties are all messed up. Murders increasing, Graduations decreasing, gas prices going up,USA in debt, But we give other countries Billions.. But Mr man is trying to take away more money from Blacks.. Whats wrong again! explain this A.Sharp.

  • freakyfiikkii

    Seriously, what ever happened to the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Oh yeah, don’t record labels put warning stickers on albums that contain explicit lyrics. What more do y’all want. I bet if you gave every black person in NY a percentage of that 3 billion dollars every year, the state would make that money back and then some. We need some new leaders; where’s Michael Eric Dyson?

  • JasonKeith734

    Fuck Al Sharpton!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rich Arte

    this blew me away…where is that 3 billion going, and why is Sharpton protesting now??? That money should go towards education, maybe use that for college scholarships or something that will actually uplift the community. Taking curses out of lyrics will force those NY artists to go independent, and then where does the money go??

    click on my name…check out the blog.

  • worley

    Sharpton you are finished. What’s going to happen when you johnny come lately middle class friends treat you like a pariah again? Don’t come knocking on the door of the hip-hop community. Just put your other foot in the grave.

  • krb

    al i’ll vote for you if you runs, but you have to stop this right here! let the people who wants to listen to this listen! go at the radio station that plays that bullshit

  • me nigga

    al sharpton is so fake. he never does n e thing significant for the community he just wants face time. fuck bitch slut whore ass shit. did n e body die??????
    no u perm head bitch go do somethin to help out the communityand quit pretending

  • me nigga

    al sharpton is so fake. he never does n e thing significant for the community he just wants face time. fuck bitch slut whore ass shit. did n e body die??????
    no u perm head bitch go do somethin to help out the community and quit pretending

  • me nigga

    oh yea go look up his history. he got famous in the 80′s wen he orchastrated a scam. he made a white girl say she was raped by racist white cops. it was a big hoax to get publicity. and he wants don imus to apologize. nigga u apologize for usin your race to get fame

  • Real as the come

    Uncle (Tom) AL need to keep his opinions to his self negative lyrics come from negative surroundings what the hell he expect niggas to talk about sunshine and rainbows, get the fuck out of here with that bullshit

  • J.R.O.

    Caine Says:

    July 27th, 2007 at 10:05 am
    Why don’t they invest 3 Billion in the school system???
    Now, there’s an idea.


  • http://xxlamg DARK

    if Al Sharpten really give a fuck bout us brothas and sistas in the hoods and ghettos truout dee U.S. den why da fuck am I seeing niggas shoot eachother up fuck eachother up living in a neiborhood where 10 year olds run around caryin dealers crack,sharpten and jackson don’t give a fuck bout us they to bussy now sukin the white mans dick on this bullshit subject they to busy livin a nice good life to give a fuck.Here in compton black brothas is fuckin killin eachother over red and blue and in all SC LA the racial war between blacks and the mexicans is raging.Sure when that dickhead imus guy made that remark of course they had to put on a show to make it look like they give a fuck but they don’t fuck em both.Nigga can’t even go to school round here without gettin shot at its bullshit and these white crakka ass crackk punk ass media ppl with they atakks against rap is bullshit white folks r gay lil fuckin faggot ass bitches and so r uncle tom ass house ass niggas.Asalamylicum my reel brothas and sistas.BLACK POWER

  • Killer Mike

    Fat Al Sarpton is a federal Co operater. He Deserves a necklace
    (those familiar with the struggle in south Africa will understand ). If u aint with us u against us. u against us you FUCK U. HOW WE EVEN LISTEN TO A NIGGA WITH A PERM ANYWAY. FAT FEDERAL FUCK

  • LOL


  • traebizzo

    Leader? I didn’t vote him in and secon these so called leaders always jump on the band wagon when there is political gain.And what exactly is their proffession to qualify them to do these sort of things? No one has stood up in Vicks defense yet. where is the Nation now? Just as i thought. Wake up people.

  • traebizzo

    Go to and see how they are choppin Vick up in the media and support his rights as an American that is innocent until proven guilty.

  • DirtDoggy

    Hey Sharpton you egg shaped mutherfucker, humpty dumpty fell off the wall and they couldn’t put him back together again.

  • RayRay

    It’s bullshit, that’s why I won’t go into politics, even though I’d want to do the right thing, you can’t in politics its all fucked up. No way can you possibly blame hip hop’s lyrics for the problems in today’s societies (violence, dog fighting) like everyone said put that shit into schools and scholarships and the ghettos. Let’s get New Orleans right before Iraq…..let’s fuckin focus on the USA for a change and fuckin forget about the rest of the world until we’re right…..look at China…it’s booming right now and why, because they are focusing on themselves…fuck sharpton and jackson

  • yessssssssir

    fuck this nigga Al Sharpton
    wtf is he talkin bout
    first go fix the skool system an get ppl jobs
    u wannabe white fag
    man serious someone jus shut his mouth
    we hav the fuckin rite to listen an say an record watever the fuck we want u fuckin bitch
    go fuck yourself al sharpton

  • M.C









    SHARPTON IS AN ASSHOLE.he stole my t.v

  • Hazardous Material

    Fuck Al. i can’t wait till all these stupid ass baby bomers die. All this old catz is trying to keep the spot light on them and not pass it to the next generation. Like Russel Simmons. Fuck him to. I wouldn’t worry about Al his stupid they can’t do that cause it’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL. They always target blacks when we get real. But they never crack there lips at Hollywood. He Al Lost some weight you fat bastard and a hair cut. All that marching and haven’t lost pound.

  • Supreemwun

    Al Sharpton has allowed himself to be played. He started Anti-Imus then when they started sweating him over hip hop he flipped the script on us. We as black people are in a sad state of affairs. They took away our GREAT LEADERS by assasinating or allowing them to be assasinated. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are puppets and fools. They HATED the music Public Enemy because it was too Pro-Black but now even Flav looks more like a court jesture he can go stand along side of Al and Jesse. FEED your mind. I am not affiliated with the Nation but listen to the Brotha Kam “Don’t Think So!” Kam is the TRUTH!

  • TMD


  • http://xxl don’t worrie about it

    I used to like AL SHARPTON but now I hate that nigga he always take on bullsit that don’t really mean nothing see he doing this to get fame he need to get on what black peolpe going throug and stop what rap is doing because really the names bitchs,hoes,nigga,and more on that he don’t like. well all I got to say is we live in a explicit world and he can’t do nothing about it its gone take a life time do what he tryin do.PS. explicit lyrics fo life niggaz

  • Ant

    The hip-hop community needs to call Rev. Al (877-532-5797) like I did and express yall self.

  • Blast

    Damn! It’s scary how dumb most of you fucks are. Hip hop aint got the backbone to clean up it’s on shit so Al is acting like a parent to some unruly ass kids to force them to do it. It’s a shame.

    All of you fucks calling him an uncle tom listen to 50 and these other assholes talk about shooting, killing and selling dope to their own people. Their doing more harm than the Klan. What have you you ever put your life on the line for?

    Not a damn thang

  • Omar

    Al Sharpton, you a fake to me, instead of helping niggas, you try to take their g’s

  • Trizzle

    i agree with ri067953 if they gonna do thys shyt it should be for all music not jus hip hop


    This nigga is a straight up pawn in white mans chess board game. House NIGGA fo real this nigga is fightin black music this nigga is ashamed being black. He feel like we not part of him. well geuss wat dey can have his bitch ass fuck this nigga if he take away our music he might as well start lynching and u know wat would happen if this nigga succeded. I’ll tell yall dey do way more than just take away our music but our culture our way of thinkin and expressin our self dey tryin to take away the praint brushes of artist dat paint pictures wit words dey tryen to bann black america from existing and he the uncle tom nigga to fullfill the governments dream of total control. Dey usin brothas against brothas dat wat dey been tryin do fo years now but this is to much. I hope this bitch nigga dont succede and finds out the hard way to never trust the goverments game.

  • DARK


    Too true my brotha dis nigga sharpton a bitch he don’t care he a rich ass nigga so what would he care bout niggas in the hood the government fucked up i mean look at katrina Mr. Cracka ass crackas and Mr. uncle tom ass niggas was to busy to come to the aid of those hurricane victims.Sharpton can eat a white bright dick no wait he can go blow george bushes dick that uncle tom ass spearm perm head ass nigga fuck him Black Power to my true black ppls across the country.and one last thing fuck wiggers and lil white bitches tryna get down wit shit honkys and uncle toms can go fuck emselves.ONE

  • J.Coop

    First off This is Hip Hop. Rap is a appart of Hip Hop. This Culture is now in the system of the G O V. They have been mainstreaming it since it first started and they wont stop. Now you got it on every channel. It is a set up. Operation BlindSide. sort of like crack in the 80′s. da real deal is right is some ways in what he typed. The government is not perfect

  • smoove1013

    FUCK AL SHARPTON!!!!!!!!!!!

  • smoove1013

    I guess he would rather see niggas committing crimes and gettting locked up instead trying to get out the hood…wack azz!!!!!!

  • short

    he needs to work on his racist views before worrying about rap lyrics