50 Cent’s Curtis Pushed Back to September 11

50-cent.jpg50 Cent’s new album, Curtis, has been pushed back one week from its September 4 release date to September 11. Sources from Interscope Records confirmed the new date to XXLMag.com, but did not give a reason for the move. Curtis was originally scheduled for a June 26 release, but was rescheduled in late May. At the time, 50 explained that the LP had not been delivered to the CD plant in time, and the delay would interfere with international distribution of the album. In related news, 50’s new video for “I Get Money” will debut this afternoon on Hot97.com.

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  • http://xxlmag.com illp

    firts !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


    jay z did it wit the blueprint

    just cuz its september 11 i think he will do 1 million and 800k at least

  • Michael

    50 cent blows who cares…..

  • fireforreal

    I bet he will not do 1.8 million the first week.His first cd did 1.3 the first week his 2nd did less than that.He is still popular but has lost steam fast. I think he will do about 800k his first week because all the songs he’s released have been mediocore and the new one i get money is more of a street banger not really a radio banger that will attract white america.

  • gkid12345

    Now its getting ridiculous with the push backs. This is what happend to Banks and buck and look how they did. If Rotten apple came out in july 18 Banks would have sold double, and if buck came out in october he wouldve sold double too. These push backs make the tracks old and people say whats the point of gettin that old shit.

  • brebre


  • olli

    i bet 400-500k first week

  • J.R.O.

    I wonder if he’ll do his numbers? Yeah, he will.

    I’m laughing at the dude that tried to say he was first, and couldn’t even spell the word right.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    ^Nullus? on da title.

  • Stl don David

    push it back to Sept. 25 hahahahahaha
    lets see the competition between u and Ja rule!


  • chi-town stunna

    june 26th, september 4, september 11, who the fuck cares, he’s still gonna be laughin to the bank. 800,000+ no doubt, and people will still hate on him. I’m gonna buy two incase one gets scratched. Wanna talk about someone that’s gonna flop R.U.L.E.

  • http://myspace.com/billybangmyshit billybangmyshit

    He just picking an easy day to release on. When there’s nobody else dropping.

  • marvelous

    50 is done because we are gettin tired of his act. no one cares anymore about this clown.
    50 cent = mc hammer

  • http://CalmDownFolks... BlackGyver

    Billy, you sound stupid.

  • Biggie

    50 is still hot but he ain’t gonna sell as much record as the massacre did.

  • Biggie

    muthafuckas, quit hatin on 50.





  • Understand This

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    Download the Hit Old New School. Sep 11 Was is A great Day

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  • mpire

    50 Cent = Vanilla Ice!!

    Nobody in the hood cares bout this snitch any more! Just another publicity stunt from a fake ass bitch! Only white america gives a toss bout him nowadays, that’s because he’s got all of Eminem’s fans! Go kop Ja Rule – The Mirror, better MC by a mile!!!! G-Unot and Murda Inc 4 Life!

  • Sagnik Baksi

    I love people who keep hating on 50. He’s smart releasing the album on this day. It just goes to show that he’s unique, and is willing to take the risk of releasing the album on this day. Him and TI are bringing hip-hop back. and oh yeah watch out for the boy Llyod Bank$ he back in the studio, the Punch Line Boy Aint Done Quite Yet. G UNIT FO LIFE

  • jalfred

    He just said it comin out on sept 4 on hot 97. He just called in and they ask him when album comin out he said sept 4. Plus the i get it video bout to pop on hot 97.com

  • John Brown

    fireforreal Says:

    July 13th, 2007 at 11:46 am
    I bet he will not do 1.8 million the first week.His first cd did 1.3 the first week his 2nd did less than that.

    Last I check GRODT dide 800k+ and The Massacre dide 1.1 million, the “week” they came out. Where do you get facts from?

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  • YoungLL

    No bullshit.. push it back to SEPT. 25 so u can destroy jarule for ever… lol

  • Prince of The South

    Damn 50 better hope that Justin Timberlake song is a hit. Interscope always mess up their artists buzz. Look at Busta they put out Busta album 5 months after Touch It came out. Then they put out the I love my chick song after a banger like touch it, when he had better singles on the cd. Anyone else notice the Massacre had twice as many singles as Get Rich did? Interscope got spoiled with a diamond record and wanted more. They got another 10 with the massacre and now this cd got more singles than the last cd! I been down with 50 since 50 cent Is The Future, but I hope he only go platinum so Interscope drop him and he goes back to making good music.

  • Price Of The South

    Yo that’s what happen when you are the only writer on the label. He wrote the hooks for all they hit records and a few album cuts except for Buck’s shit and it’s showing. As smart as 50 is he has one major flaw and I caught it from the start: He was the one driving the car by creating the concepts for the records. People tired of him now because with all those g-unit releases they felt like a 50 cent EP. If he had more songwriters and talented artists then G-unit records would be different creatively. Fact is he’s ran out of content and is too prideful to make himself vunerable on records. Look at Jigga, Hov dropped a verse and left you to create the record, but he never wrote it. On Bleek last cd he rapped the intro and let Bleek fall on his ass himself, but he didn’t ruin the perception of Jay-Z. If 50 had more than one talented artsit on his label, Buck, then it would be a different situation.

  • cee

    50 got the hardest track and video this year, hands down. NO RAPPER OUT IS GET’N MO MONEY THAN THIS MAN. NO RAPPER SELLING UNITS. HATERS DON’T HATE!

  • http://babesblingandbooze.blogspot.com/ RichBoi88 – CHECK ME OUT

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!! ‘Curtis’ has been pushed back to 2008!

    lol sike naw…i think interscope should jus scrap the project altogether. no one cares

  • http://xxlmag.com troyel

    damn do you guys understand everyone on this page is a 50 fan. he probally has goones on the site watching how many hits, comments negative or positive.. now we all waiting bitter or patiently we all waitin….. GET IT CURTIS.. WATCH HIM BUT CAMS VOICE SAYING CURRRRTISSS!!!! ON THE ALBUM!!!!

  • jb6430

    it dont matter when 50 drop his album cus he gon push about 8 million units anyway. and that guy that said drop it on the 25th to see if he can compete wit ja fool need to be slapped silly

  • Cuban Link

    fireforreal Says:

    July 13th, 2007 at 11:46 am
    I bet he will not do 1.8 million the first week.His first cd did 1.3 the first week his 2nd did less than that.He is still popular but has lost steam fast. I think he will do about 800k his first week because all the songs he’s released have been mediocore and the new one i get money is more of a street banger not really a radio banger that will attract white america.

    ^No, GRODT did 900K first week, the Massacre did more I dont know exactly how much more though.

    If this shit breaks what TI did last year then things will be alright

  • # 1 stunner

    i think that is a stupid move on his part, thats a day of mourning, people aint trying to go buy his new sorry ass music, 50 sucks balls anyway

  • Alex

    fuck all of yall fif is going all the way…

  • v

    potential flop .thats why hey pushing him back to sept 11th .cos no other major artist is dropping that week so he wouold get the number one record easily.but he would only go platnum.

    normally thats a sucess .but with the way he bases his whole career on sales and mocks other dudes achievements,thats a failure.

  • Seriously

    Seriously, everyone is discussing week that- week this – he’s gonna sell that- he’s not gonna sell this= Listen be it positive or negative your attention is 50′s power and he has used this very weapon to land him where he is today. Yall talkin ’bout Ja Rule and fuck 50 – On the behalf of Common Sense- Suck a dick and fuck off hard. Money talks bullshit walks. The man was everywhere on the news for his recent increase in wealth people -$4oo,ooo,ooo is alot more then you muthaphukas can hate on or even dream about. This nigga dont care about nothin’ you sayin’ – he’s rich you bitches so what if his record flop, there’s niggas that can sell there ass of this year and have only a fraction of a fraction of what this nigga got. The industry is played out so the music shit is just a hobby to fif’ now, because its no need for it to be his main gig anymore when he’s eatin’ the way he is now. Real talk his music ain’t like the 50 I remember, but shit I wouldn’t be busin’ my ass over bars either if I’m one of the richest nigga in hip-hop too. Ja Rule and them other niggas late because when it comes to this cash it’ll be a cold day in hell before they catch-up and when it comes to competition it’s whose got the most. I fucks with 50, but I aint a dick rider. I just no whats significant in a point.- Seriously

  • R2

    i think is ablum is gonna sell like 900k in its first week.

  • Sean

    a week pushback isnt shit.. as long as he dont push it bak more who care.. i like 50 but i have a feelin alot of the songs gonna be wack on the album.. (ft. justin timberlake, robin thicke) enuff said

  • Frank

    I wonder if they pushed it back another week so its not so close to Stat Quo’s album

  • Ali

    I hatd 2 say it but I think tha money became an obsession instead of a desire for this dude………..am I tha only 1 who thot tha massacre sucked balls??? Str8 2 Tha Bank was ok but Amusement Park sucked ass………….& he said he’d only make 1 song about money so he’s callin “I Get Money” a remix…………….this guy is BEEn losin’ it man…….even tha soundtrack 4 his movie was better than tha massacre…….Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ tha 1st album was a masterpiece but thats only cuz he wasnt rich when he was recordin it………there was a hunger in his voice u can’t hear it no more it ain’t real no more………………as 4 sales he’ll prolly do numbers just like TIP

  • CT Killah

    what a disrespectful faggot skeet bag richboy go flash dance wit yayo u cornball its fuckin september 11th pay respect not pay 50 for his snitching ability

  • makaveli-the-GOD


  • ziggler da wiggler

    deff sellin more than hell rell’s for the hell of it but i think rells shit is gunna be jus as poppin’

  • ziggler da wiggler

    but its also fucked up cuz it seems that rell & 50 are tryin 2 get more album sells cuz its 9/11 but i still think he shoulda released that shit in june

  • LDotO

    G Unit MuthaFuckaz !


  • LDotO

    G Unit MuthaFuckaz !


  • http://www.myspace.com/dachaomusic DaChao(Look What I Have Become)

    i like fitty but i get money is garbage



  • grapes

    Lol, he wants some controversy associated with his album, so he releases it on 9/11.

  • http://www.myspace.com/50susan91 susan

    why is he pushing it bk i wounder oh well im not fussed as long as i get a copy hes da best around along wid lloyd banks n the rest of the g-unit gang g g g g g-unit

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  • http://myspace.com/prophecy26 Prophecy

    I love curtis jackson! I had all shit since and before HOW TO ROB! BUT I am feeling THE GAME! HURRICANE is killin the whole g-unit by himself but I will still cop CURTIS, because who knows what he will drop!!!!!

  • maxime

    i love 50 g-unit and all shady aftermath interscope curtis will be a big hit i love 50 fuck camron i go buy his album september 11 peace 50 you are my best men i counting on you i always be your number one fan love you men

  • DAniel

    oh man that date its my birthday youre the best 50 GGGGGGGGGGG-Unnnnnnnniiiiiittttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!