Yung Joc and DMC Grace Harley-Davidson Atlantic Beach Bike Festival

3555083_yungjoc06b_200x200.jpgBad Boy Records’ platinum artist, Yung Joc, performed last weekend in Myrtle Beach, S.C. at the Harley-Davidson Atlantic Beach Bike Festival a.k.a. Black Bike Week. Joc performed his smash it, “It’s Goin’ Down” for the crowed while the legendary Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC was on hand to lead motorcyclists on the free Harley-Davidson demo rides, sign autographs and pose for pictures with fans. “Harley-Davidson is continuously looking for ways to reach out to and be involved with the community in ways that are as unique and diverse as our riders themselves,” says Lynn Bonner, Director of Market Outreach, in regards to this year’s hip-hop flavor at the Atlantic Bike Festival.

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  • Streets Is Watchin

    I hope they aint pay young joke to perform…his live show is worse than his lyrics

  • Ziggy

    Yo b i bin to boke week in like wow 1999 o somethin like that…then we went to orlando an partyd fo like a week brah …had the time of ma life fo real.

  • Caine

    Fuck Joc…and fuck u too Ziggy. Uza bitch…

  • Yung Joc

    What up Caine, thanks for your support!

  • Ziggy

    dont hate caine cause your broke ass cant afford to take a vacation..betta step yo hustle game up son. wit a name like caine youd swear youd be to busy slangin not hatin on a nigga really makin…go fuck yourself you emotional hatin tool.n what kinda faggot says thanks for the supoport but their screen name says yung joc..thats sum lil girl shit rite der nigga..

  • 3rdwardheatseeka

    fuck yall niggas gettin on here hatin i cant fuck with young joc but i cant hate on the nigga he makin money, he got fans that like his shit. I just wouldnt buy is cd but i wouldnt hate on the nigga thats just a square lame ass move man.
    stop gettin on here acting like you gangsta or something nigga you on a computer on a website typing hate shit. real gangstas dont have time for that shit everyminute of the hour is a hustle. i cant stad you fake ass internet wankstas.

  • Caine

    Ziggy, uza bitch simply cuz a couple weeks ago Ereal & I had a lil misunderstandin and yo bitch ass jumped in da middle wit some ol young bullshit mane. Check out my myspace page u fuckin loser. All my cars sittin on dem thangz… – Check me out da names $ucka-Free – Specifically for niggaz like u…

  • Ziggy

    ohh you one of those mysace crips or yahoobloods or something…fuckin internet thugs get a life an stop takin pictures of other peoples cars an callin em yours…what a tool. what are you like 40 or somethin go feed your kids you welfare case.

  • Caine

    Get money, fuckin slouch ass niggaz!!! Or, just take yo dumbass back to school and learn how to write pimpin’. Fuckin lames mane…