timbo.jpgProducer Timbaland was arrested and temporarily detained in Cologne, Germany on Sunday (June 10) following a violent brawl outside the Hotel Intercontinental. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the super-producer got into a heated argument with a bar patron at around 11:30 p.m. after the superstar producer allegedly flirted with the man’s girlfriend at the hotel’s bar. According to Cologne police spokesperson Juergen Goebel, eyewitnesses say the dispute soon moved outside and the 29 year-old Croatian man—identified only as Robert F.—is said to have called Timbo a racial slur. The argument then turned violent and friends of Timbaland allegedly joined in the brawl. The man was subsequently taken to the hospital, and Timbaland was arrested and questioned for approximately one hour. Website TMZ.com reports that he was released early Monday morning on 1,000 bail.