T.I. vs. T.I.P. Tracklist and Production Credits


XXLMag.com debuts the tracklisting to T.I.’s new album. Look for an in-depth preview later this week.

1) “Act 1”
Produced by T.I. and Kannon “Caviar” Cross. Additional production by Just Blaze.

2) “Big Shit Poppin’ (Do It)”
Produced by Mannie Fresh

3) “Raw”
Produced by Lil C

4) “You Know What It Is”
Produced by Wyclef Jean, Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, Sedeck “All Hands On Deck” Jean and Keith “Lil Wonda” Duplessis

5) “Da Dopeman”
Produced by Mannie Fresh

6) “Watch What You Say To Me” featuring Jay-Z
Produced by Kevin “Khao” Cates. Co-produced by Bao Quoc Pham & Steve Holdren for Da Grindaz

7) “Hurt” featuring Busta Rhymes & Alfa Mega
Produced by Danja

8) “Act II”
Produced by T.I. and Kannon “Caviar” Cross. Additional production by Just Blaze.

9) “Help Is Coming”
Produced by Just Blaze

10) “My Swag” featuring Wyclef Jean
Produced by Wyclef Jean, Jerry “Wonda” Duplessis, Sedeck “All Hands On Deck” Jean and Keith “Lil Wonda” Duplessis

11) “We Do This”
Produced by the Runners

12) “Show It To Me” featuring Nelly
Produced by Tony Galvin for The Black Mob Group

13) “Don’t You Wanna Be High”
Produced by the Runners

14) “Touchdown” featuring Eminem
Produced by Eminem & Jeff Bass

15) “Act III”
Produced by T.I. and Kannon “Caviar” Cross. Additional production by Just Blaze.

16) “Tell ‘Em I Said That”
Produced by Danja

17) “Respect This Hustle”
Produced by Danja

18) “My Type”
Produced by Keith Mack

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  • NJG

    Nice tracklist, nice production credits, gon’ cop that album fo sho!!!

  • http://deeznuts.net TruWanksta

    Damn!!!! Production from Danja, Mannie Fresh, Em, Just Blaze, The Runners… should be tight

  • Stefan

    When this banger hitting the streets??

  • HHS1982

    I wasn’t really interested in this album, but after looking at this I just might download it anyway

  • Rodjilius

    tip album looks nice





  • Leland

    This Album is going to be hott, ima have to buy it !!!!!!! He’s going to sell another 500,000 first week if not more !!!!!! Lets Go TIP, WE LIVING LIFE GOD BLESS US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LIVING LIFE WE CELEBRATING !!!!!!!!!!! LOVE GOD, LIKE HE LOVE US ALL, LOVE ALL LIKE GOD LOVES ALL !!!!!!!

  • R


  • A

    THIS ISN’T RIGHT!!!!!!


  • sk

    lol, at I just might download it anyway

  • Definition

    looks like he jacked Lil Wayne’s idea of using the same beat 3 times in an album hmmm.

  • wizzle

    yo wheres still the king, the instrumental was on dx a bit ago… that shit was some fire… it was a dr sixshot beat

  • Toadman

    Where DJ Toomp? This man forgetting the hand that feeds him.

  • detroit

    ok to the guy who said that he was gonna sell more than 5 houndred thoudsand his first week no offense but its not gonna happen dont get me wrong i like ti one of the best doin it right now but both of his singles are not doing so well hes not getting enough publicity with this album.the last person to put up those numbers was jay-z and his videos and single were all over the radio so i dont think thats gonna happen. but cant wait to hear touchdown or watch what you say to me


    damn no dj toomp…dat nigga produced on everyone of his albums except dis one so idk bout dis one

  • the motherfucker

    i thought there was gonna be a dre track…
    whens it comin out

  • T.R.E.Y.

    solid, but i’m worried ’bout Khao (responsible for the three worst beats on King) and Em. sucks there’s no Timbo either, but hopefully Danjahandz’ll do his best Timbo impressions yet.

    he shoulda got more Mannie Fresh beats on there though, that “Big Shit Poppin’” is fiyah. and where’s Toomp?? lol

  • cali neon green

    wheres the track (just the king),track is crazzyyyyyyy


    where is 3stacks he said that nigga was on here an lil weasel i believe this tracklist may be off a bit

  • ROB G



    WHEN DIS SHIT DROP?????????????

  • Dan

    I thought the Jay-Z track was supposed to be produced by Timbaland and featuring Justin Timberlake.

  • Jus

    2 Definition: T.I. been doin dat since I’m Serious. Go listen 2 it and you’ll see what i’m talkin about.

  • Holla

    XXL just has a cover story with T.I., a damn video interview and an audio blog – yeah, I trust them and this tracklisting alot more than some gay ass nerd on the Internet who doesn’t believe its true. U think XXL would post a tracklisting thats off?

  • Teninchplaya

    haha at the idiot who asked where timba is on the album. T.I. doesn’t need some gay ass producer like tim to make a good album

  • http://www.myspace.com/slobbythegreat slobbythegreat

    are those last few tracks by danja as in danjahanz the cat that ghost produces most of timbalands shit, is that why timbo aint on there..i lost my admiration for timbo after the stuff about danja came out!

  • Yessir

    i bet 250 000 first week..

  • Yessir

    250 ooo first week

  • T.R.E.Y.

    Danja ain’t “ghost” shit for Tim, every beat Danja’s done solo has been nowhere near Tim’s stuff, although “We Takin’ Over” is probably his best one yet.

    kids trippin’ like producers can’t work with other people.

    the other kid who asked ’bout Tim — if Tim’s gay, is Danja gay jr.? Tip said he was workin’ with Tim on the album, that’s why i mentioned it dipshyte.

  • NYG

    Where’s timbo, and TOOMP?! i was expecting to see his name at least 2 times in this list…

  • NYG

    its worse than if Jeezy doesn’t have any Shawty Redd production on his next album

  • Young Wanted


  • aaaayo aaaaight

    jigga on this

  • T.R.E.Y.

    i shoulda added, Jeezy’s “3 A.M.” — gayest beat ever right? lol

  • Omar

    This nigga is going to get outspit on every track he has a guest except the Nelly track and that’s only cause Nelly’s going to be singing!

  • Ali

    cant wait 2 hear tha songs with Hov & Em…& i wanna hear when he talks 2 himself too cuz that trakc of trap muzik called “ti vs tip” is sick

  • T.R.E.Y.

    i dunno, i get the feelin’ Jay’ll step his game up from Kingdom Come style. he doesn’t want Tip to look like the new him after all.

    “Big Shit Poppin’” is bananas though, i think Tip might spit better on that song than anything on King. if he brings that for the whole album he’s good

  • T.R.E.Y.

    oh, you said HE was gonna get outspit, my bad.

    depends whether Hov and Em are on their A-game or their shyte-game. i’m bettin’ Hov brings it. Em, not so sure.

  • beeyo

    Haaaaa I said something bad about Eminem and my comment didn’t get posted. I’m sorry, what I meant to say was Eminem is the greatest rapper AND producer in the world ever and we should all wear Shady velour suits to work, and pistolwhip club bouncers with no bullets in our gun.

  • 305tildie

    wheres dro??????????????????????

  • TheManWhoWillBeK.I.N.G.

    looks ok…just disappointed that the track w/Andre 3000 ain’t on there…

  • Nate

    Was Dr.Dre not a named producer for the album??

  • HollyHood

    Swiss is wack. He is the most overrated producer out. All his beats sound the same, and he always got get on the damn hook

  • facescar

    Where the fuck is the P$C?..

  • Tha Kid

    The album sounds like its gon be cold
    But no Jeezy?
    No Young Buck?
    I’m surprised that he doesn’t any of the P$C members on tha album
    But overall the album gon be tight.

    P.S. Please buy the album off the shelf
    don’t download it help a nigga out

  • http://WWW.MYSPACE.COM/ZO37 ZO

    500,000 FIRST WEEK

  • L.A.X


    June 6th, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    Your a FUCKIN moron. T.I. is nice wit it but he dont run the south no one really does considering there really aint to many names out there doin it right now that aint southern, and Wayne hardley ever has any featurs, i think T.I. has more on this one than Weezy did on both the carters… your a homo

  • beeyo

    A Wayne fan calling someone a hom, how ironic

  • beeyo

    A Wayne fan calling someone a hom, how ironic.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dscores dscores

    my name wasn’t on the production cut

  • hilltop302finest

    2 Mannie Fresh tracks and tha boy Hov album of the year

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Any1 hear that song wit Jay-Z? How is it?

  • jstyle

    this album is gonna be gay just like all his other ones they all sound the same and about dope and hustle..fag

  • FLIP

    2 Wyclef tracks!?!? I smell a flop…

  • http://yahoo.com a0r1anAyahoo

    when they gon’ post the Em track. shits gon’be fire

  • Prince Of The South

    Expensive album, hope it does well so he can make the money back. Not really feeling Big Shit Poppin it’s cool, but it’s not hot enough to push gold the first week he might go 200-300 off his name like R.Kelly just did and Kelly a bigger artist. Them next two singles better be hits or he gone struggle to it platinum.

  • beeyo

    White people will buy anything with Eminems name on it. M&Ms have tripled sales in suburban communities since the Slim Shady LP debuted.

  • Chevyboy

    Grand hustle homie!! T.I. is th shit. But I’m worried…King was fire (obviously) but no toomp, P$C or dr.dre (as promised)? And singles need to be poppin, too. I say bring out touchdown. Ain’t bin feelin Em for ages, but this might just be heavy. BS Poppin and You know what were gd but theres a tinge of not so good in em, if ya get what i mean. But anyways man, do ya thing, TIP!!

    Grand Hustle
    P$C 4 life

  • d.rell

    no dj.toomp and no timbo but danja is tim’s protege so its all good

  • http://www.myspace.com/MikeDaleyBeatswhw Izy

    Ohh well again with this gay ass name. As many of u know 50 pushed his shit back cuz he wanted t.I to get his shine first and then 50 gonna drop some heat. And I really wanna hear that em track. Hope he brings that slim shady back!

  • http://xxlmag.com G-Man

    Damn Busta bus, Jigga and Em this shits gonna be fire

  • i’ll shit bag u

    beeyo….shut the fuck up chump!!! i’ll spit in ya mothers face!!!

  • Dude

    TI claims to have done three songs with Eminem and the track that makes the album is a song about hitting the mall, clubs, and whatnot?! It’s like TI wants the Eminem fanboys to continue crying about how wack Eminem has become since he signed 50 Cent. That’s a darn shame!

    I hope that Eminem comes nice on this song since T.I. is a step above an average artist. *cough*Fat Joe*cough*Akon*cough* Excuse me. If not, then I guess I will have to wait for the next Shady Records album to figure whether or not Eminem still has the spirit.

    I will be picking up this album if it does not get pushed back like just about every album has been doing lately.

  • T.R.E.Y.

    how pissed does Tip have to be that his single’s gettin’ beat by that fruity-ass Gym Class Heroes song on the charts?

  • http://www.mysapce.com/keconsulting Kim Ellis

    Do it big Alfamega!! Only one from P$C that made that album…..THAT SHOULD SAY SOMETHING!! Big sh*t poppin!! As Alfamega’s publicist, if you are interested in collaborations, drops or media contact me today at info.keconsulting@gmail.com!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/theeperfectionmusic Enigma

    I read somewhere like Mediatakeout, Sohh or Allhiphop a day or two ago that its rumored Toomp doesn’t mess with TI cause TI owes him money and has “shady business practices,” so maybe that’s why he’s not on the album…and I think the tracklisting is definately off regardless if XXL posted for 2 reasons…1) there was an article like 2 months ago out about the Timberland and TI collabo (I think on MTV News) about them in the lab when Timberland was making the track for the album and was running back and forth from the booth to the board cause he was recording himself beating on the walls and shit to put in the track…2) TI says himself on HipHopGame that Timbaland is on it…who knows…

  • http://XXLMAG.COM jharp


  • piff

    Everybody bootleg this shit. I know i am

  • Nate

    “beeyo Says:
    White people will buy anything with Eminems name on it. M&Ms have tripled sales in suburban communities since the Slim Shady LP debuted.”

    Beeyo you fuckin fool man! So what dude? He sellin aint he!? Least he can get platinum when he drops! That smells like racism to me…. or jealousy…

  • Wanted

    To Enigma: Yeah, I remember hearing stuff about Timbo doin’ all that, too. And, I remember them saying that T.I. bragged about having somewhere around 60 tracks recorded in preparation for this album. So, somewhere along the line, shit has to leak. Especially if we’re talking about a Timbo track that everyone’s gonna want to hear.

    Two months ago, I woulda been convinced “No Sweat” was gonna be on the album. Right now, I don’t know about any of the playlists until the album leak.

  • http://myspace.com/mylesakamighty DJ Mighty

    Yall got some funny arguments…Let me clear a few things up since I’ve heard the album str8 from the listening party a few days ago. I’m sure he was working with Timbo but unless its a hidden track it didnt make the cut. Im not sure why there’s no toomp but the album is PURE HEAT WITHOUT HIM! The Mannie Fresh tracks and the Danja tracks are probably the best ones. “Da Dopeman” is gonna be the next Top Back I GARAUNTEE! Hov kills his verse and Em does the same. BUSTA HAS THE BEST VERSE COLLAB WISE TO ME. Plus that song HURT IS INSAINE! THIS IS THE OFFICIAL TRACK LIST THOUGH SO STOP ARGUING ABOUT THOSE RUMORS THAT YOU HEARD! The album is CLASSIC! TIP GETS THE BEST OF TI I MUST SAY… Last but not least just make sure you GO BUY THE ALBUM JULY 3RD!!! ITS WORTH IT!

    Grand Hustle PIMP!

  • whiteboi

    t.i. and eminem on the same track?? crazy man i can’t wait to hear it

  • trap

    what happen to tha track hero t.i. ft akon>?

  • http://www.yahoo.com Malik

    This cd is no where near as hot as KING
    T.I shoulda waited to come back out for at least another year… Im tired of hearing him.. When u heard him so much you start to see the complete lack of depth he does not have
    Eminem had a goofy verse that was like his shady side…
    Hov had a raw verse..
    Busta even came sick wit it..

    The problem with this cd is no Toomp, no buck jeezy, p$c, jazze, UGK …. shit the south!!

    and Jeezy next cd better have Shawty Redd… cuz Jeezy n Shawty Redd make magic.. Jeezy without Shawty Redd is not right at all!!

  • T.I._King

    I’ve listened to the leaked album… I’m not gonna be bias because i’m a T.I. fan but..i lovved this fucking album!! He gets better with every album, from Trap Muzik and Urban Legend to King and now T.I. vs. T.I.P. further proves that. Theres just as many really good songs as there was in King. The beats are sooo epic and some sound like its an opera. Personal favs are:
    -Tell Em’ I Said It
    -Help Is Coming
    -Respect This Hustle
    -We Do This
    -Da Dopeman
    -Watch What You Say To Me

    Ya’ll better cop his album July 3rd! GRAND HUSTLE PATNA!

  • http://www.myspace.com/shawnadam Shawn Williams

    T.I. is takin’ over the charts again at #1!!!!!!!