Salt-N-Pepa to Star in New VH1 Reality Show

salt-pepa.jpgPioneering female rap group, Salt-N-Pepa, will star in a new reality show on the VH1 network called The Salt-N-Pepa Show. The series will follow the duo as they attempt to reunite on and off stage following their five plus year hiatus from the music industry. The road back to stardom ends up being rougher than expected, though, as the two former partners discover that they still have some unresolved issues. Salt is still angry about being underappreciated during the groups heyday and Pepa still blames her for their breakup. Their vastly different lifestyles will also come into play, as Salt has reportedly found God since the split, while Pepa is still a heavy partier. The Salt-N-Pepa Show is scheduled to debut in either late 2007 or early 2008.

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  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Didn’t Pepa just come off from doing a reality show on VH1? ..

    Dam, that bitch must be broke.

  • fireforreal

    That should be good.We need a black reality show that doesn’t make us look totally ignorant like College hill,Flavor of love,I love New york,Charm school,Keyshia cole the way it is and even making the band where diddy makes himself seem like more of an ass hole show after show.Iknow he’s rich but can he get some real talent ? You know Bad boy is a joke when Young joc is the biggest star and 8ball & mjg can’t get no love with there album.

  • Sherance

    should be finteresting to watch salt n pepa have’nt did a siong in about 10 years yeah pep was on the surrereal life guess she’s taking notes from flav, brat, and warren g.

  • fliichiik

    i feel u….alot of t.v shows make us look ignorant as hell. its sad

  • Hurby Luv Bug

    the world needs salt n’ pepa right now. what about spin?

  • Beav

    who da fuck is the third gurl?

  • BklynBandette

    Great! It’s about time we’re seeing some real women in Hip Hop.

  • da_realting

    the third girl??? Spinderella

  • EReal

    Peppa can swollow a banana and not crush it. Im down wit her like a mofo. lol.

    Peppa, holla atcha boy, I got HUGE MEAT.

  • rizzo

    just because your on a reality show doesnt’t mean your broke, it just means you don’t have as much money than you had before. besides going to work on a reality show beats working at a regular 9-5 anyday.

  • fireforreal

    I feel you rizzo,da brat is getting royalty checks from surreal life and fit club she said vh1 pays well,I bet more than these lables are paying beacuse nobody is really moving big numbers other than Rock,country and some R&B

  • My Effin’ Opinion


    Doing a reality show dam sure beats workin’ a 9-5, but having your life broadcasted to the world and edited by someone you have no authority over (who the majority of the time makes these reality show ‘contestents’ look bad) is not something that you jump for joy over when they call you.

    If you REALLY need the money, you’ll do it, but if you don’t … you’ll gladly pass that shit over anyday .. hence me saying she was “broke” ..

    I didn’t mean flat broke.

  • pastor (murda) mason

    lol… let’s give anyone who can deepthroat a banana their own show

  • Angel Farris

    I think it’s a good thing…i enyoy laughing at all these crazy people!!!! (new york, flavor of love girls) Y’all know Y’all gonna watch!

  • Face Phoenix

    Didn’t They say a couple years ago that when it’s time to step out of the limelight they didn’t want to seem desperate or out of touch. Well girls Guess What?!

  • Jroc

    TRASH !!


    fuck salt and pepa,where in tha hell is that sexy ass spinderella—-that’s whatz the old headz wants to see!!!!