Saigon Lashes Out Against Atlantic Records

saigon.jpgWith his long awaited debut album, The Greatest Story Never Told, sitting in limbo at Atlantic Records, Saigon expressed his frustration on his MySpace page last Friday (June 1). The following post on his blog, entitled “Saigon vs. Atlantic Records: Round 1,” is as follows.

“Pleassssse don’t believe that the hold up of my album has ANYTHING to do with me or my work ethic or my rate of producing GREAT music. If you go to YouTube and type in JBTV Saigon, you will hear snippets of my album that Atlantic doesn’t seem to have the desire to release. I just think the once great Atlantic Records has been belittled down to a home of ringtone making artists, like they sign the great jingle writers and real artist like myself don’t get a chance to showcase my musical abilities. I feel like Tupac now — it’s me against the world. Thank God artist such as Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin (Atlantic artist) weren’t signed in this day in time. They would’ve never seen the light of day. Not to worry though, my fans WILL hear my entire album very soon whether they put it out or not. If they don’t I will and let y’all be the judge of if the music is GREAT or not. I am putting out a brand new song right here, titled “What A Life” featuring Tre Williams from Ill Will Records. You can hear it first, here on MySpace. Look forward to hearing more exclusives from me. I’m beginning to think that being my album is geared toward the betterment and not the destruction of my people, the powers that be don’t wanna release it. ‘Cause I know its not the skills. I am the MOST RELEVANT RAPPER in THE WORLD by far when it comes to my people. Unfortunately, they only care about $$$$. Oh well, welcome to America. Greatest Story Never Told coming this summer…regardless.”

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  • yaboy

    sai is the truth.

  • Severe

    real artists gotta get thru alot of BS to get their message heard. especially if they talkin about somethin other than diamonds in their damn chain, amusement parks, or buyin a gold diggin bitch a drank. its a shame. keep yo head up Sai…yo time to is comin.

  • jack

    first bitches

  • ddubbzz

    Man..should have hit up Koch

  • DirtDoggy

    HA, that’s grimey shit, fuck Atlantic, let the fans hear that heat rock regarless, I hope their damn layers don’t lay it to you though.

  • rrr

    i want this album released asap

  • ?


  • Ghost of 2Pac

    bootleg it out ya’ trunk by the time the majors get wind of what you doin you’ll prolly get taken to court but still wit’ the music out they’ll have to stop sittin’ on it.hopefully yo’ contract was negotiaited for a certain release time of your music and the label didn’t hold up thier end.

  • ya get SKEETED on!

    This post has officially been SKEETED on!


    Hey everybody come to my wack ass myspace page and listen to my wack ass songs that me and my friends think is hot.


    Hey everybody come to my wack ass myspace page and listen to my wack ass songs that me and my friends think is hot.

  • D.Dollar$

    Yo, Siagon is a threat. They don’t want US to hear GOOD music, Siagon is better then 99% of these dudes out right know ( NO GIMMICKS). It’s like the real dudes in the game don’t get a chance to get the message out. Hold ya head Sia the world will Witness the greatness in you son. Word

  • Streets Is Watchin

    most relevant? damn homie i can’t co-sign for that one you nice but shit be easy…but as far as ya label fuck that shit ya fans wanna hear ya shit come on wit it fuck a suit

  • FLIP

    I was never too hot on the nigga as a rapper, but I respect his conviction. Its too bad he can’t just sling them shits out the trunk, cause I would definitely cop.

  • The Chancellor

    This album really needs to see the light of day. if you watch the DVD he has Jay’s co-sign and he hasnt came out yet. 50 better push his shit back again lol

  • The Chancellor

    This album needs to come out already. Greenwald and Craig Kallman need to get of T.I’s sack and get the ball rollin. And where is Sickamore in all this? This is bullshit!!!

  • Ayoola

    Thats hiphop right here! giving the people what they want! sai i have been waiting for this album! i mean you have to leave that label and go to a label that will promote you properly! i mean after your 1st album even start your own label! i mean look at kweli.. i think you are one of the best cats out there so i will always support you! peace!!

  • Fareed7c

    Fuck atlantic!

  • NJG

    I Agree wit all y’all, Saigon must release his album ASAP after his first single, Pain In My Life i knew immediately that his album was gon’ be hot like hell!

    ps: Im surprised about all the positive reactions, not seen a negative reaction yet… Propz to all of y’all

  • JP

    Atlantic please release The Greatest Story Never Told. With proper promo Saigon can go plat. The fans believe in him. Saigon music is not fast food it’s homecooking. Release Saigon’s project this summer before his fans bum rush the building.

  • The Deal

    Basically Sai and Just have to come up with a single that bangs in the street, the club, and the radio(ex. “Breathe” by Fabolous). So far I haven’t heard that from Sai, “Pain in my Life” was cool, but that aint gon do it. Give us a banger, plain and simple.

  • beeyo

    I doubt this albums lack of release has much to do with the destruction or betterment of people. Atlantic just fired a buncha muthafuckas, and TIP is about to drop. Shit even he can’t get a decent buzz going with his bullshit promo. If Sai leaks his shit, its gonna be a lot of monetary problems in the future for him. Giving away an album that they probably didn’t think was gonna make much money anyway doesn’t sound like much of a threat. Maybe Sai should learn more about the buisness, cuz nowadays it doesn’t pay to be just a nice rapper, you gotta know what the fuck you’re doing. And Sickamores a bitch, he’s tellin Sai to “work smart, not hard”, and still got him doin dumb shit.

  • Tha Ace

    yo sai is in my top 5 right now no matter what happens

  • fireforreal

    I don’t know if Saigon is really the most relevant in the world but he is really dope and atlantic needs to bring his album out or else. There gonna let him slip through there hands another lable snatches him up and they think Damn we didn’t know what we had because sooner or later all these lables and bullshit rappers and singers need to realize real hip hop will start to come back and all that ring tone microwave fast food shit will start to decline and there gonna look for cats like Saigon to sign and bring there lable back to really being respected. Saigon just take your shit get out your deal and you and just blaze print up a large shipment and sell it online.

  • Loony T

    memo to all you East Coast rappers, face the facts, until you get a buzz in the south, you will not be dropping anything this day in age in the game. Yall hated on us for so long so now that we got the game we’re not giving it back.

    As far as Atlantic Records, you are behind a long list of people who got a buzz already….T.I, Young Dro, Dj Drama, Pretty Ricky, Plies, Yung Joc, etc.

    Sorry Saigon, they say u better than 99% of rappers, well 99% of the people outside New York dont know who u are. I respect what u doin tho, go grind and make em listen!

  • ATCK

    Keep ya head up Sai. I’m riding wit ya. Can’t wait for the album. All these artists always talk about how cool Lyor and Kevin Liles were in the Def Jam days. I guess shit done changed. At least you won’t prostitute yourself like some of these other “ringtone” artists. I can respect that.

  • Cstar


  • L.A. Money

    That’s crazy. They need to put out Saigon’s album asap. The shit i heard is classic. Real Talk.

  • Cuban Link

    Couldnt have put it better myself, Saigons the truth.Independent releases are the big thing, but if he did that, Saigon would never be 106 & Park or the radio.And thats what we need, good artists in the mainstream

  • ?

    Big Ups Spring Valley, NY

  • Shotgun Mecca

    You should of never left Turtle

  • blaQ

    Nas said it…hip hop is dead.
    Blacks need to invent a new genre.

  • STL WHite Guy

    Ill will records? WTF did i miss something between the xxl Nas interview and now?

  • MorphineRoberts

    I cant believe this fairytale ass nigga had the nerve 2 call himself a real artist. I heard him on The Come Up Vol. 12 DVD, and the shit was fire. I also heard that Abandoned Nation mixtape as well. But, it seems to me that this Yardfucker aint shit but mixtape hype. He’s a walking contradiction as well. First, he pokes fun @ the southern artform, then the mothafucka announces that he composed an album that has majority of the Southern artists featured. This mothafucka is confused. But he’s way better than a Papoose though. He would’ve been made more of an impact if he would’ve studied P’s work ethic. But they both just clothing line niggas anyway(LRG this… Gino Green that). Fuck Saigon and his methods of proliferating the so-called “Ressurection of Hip Hop”.
    Suck my Southern dick all of you B-boy loving mothafuckas. I will whip yall asses and shit in your backpacks.
    Savannah’s own Morph Rob

  • monique

    i like siagon.

  • Dr Flav

    ROFFLE @ Morphine! This dude needs to stop crying period. Every interview he got a fucking excuse. I thought this was the new Illmatic son! (Nas didnt need big name features, btw) Aretha and Ray would have made it regardless, what the hell you talkin bout? Where are all the namedrop critics that diss the Game? This fool shoutin out Pac comparisons and still local outside the downloadin internet public. Who are the ringtone artists? Name names! Do you mean Tip? Run the yard, Yardfather! Go on ahead and put that album out and ruin your chance with labels forever, not to mention being sued for your advance plus ya lil HBO money. This is a gimmick to keep your name out there trying to dress up a myspace listening session as a renegade action, that some suss ass shit. South cobra clutchin the game right now, supercallarapalyric to that, Im salty @ NY coming so weak right now, on the real, when the dope innovative shit gonna come from the east again and please dont say Papoose, Big L Jr.

  • neverhate

    this dude is a bitch crying if the shit won’t sell they not going to put it out. Better yet cause you know i can’t stand to hear another rapper talking about selling dope or shooting people.

  • AlwaysHate

    Yeah Like Neverhate says He Rather Hear Rappers Talk About Their G-Strings!Homo.

  • KCG

    saigon’s sick compared to all these dumb, no talent rappers talking the same garbage. Lyrics need to be important in hip hop again instead of this laffy taffy rubbish.

  • Grizz

    im artist speaking right now everybody trying to sign to a major for what and advancement to get fucked iin the end hahahah man use your buzz inide wize and continue to get that guop Major wnat flunkies puppets robotslike in the mack when he was tellin his hoes you will do what i say lol underground

  • loony T

    RIP East Coast music.

    Hip Hop and R&B lives in the south.

  • JasonKeith734


  • da king

    You Got To Respect where hip hop started. if it wasnt for New York the South would be square dancing with the hillbillys right now!I got respect for everybody South East West North and in between!DONT DIVIDE LETS CONQUER HIP HOP IS NOT DYING WERE KILLING IT!

  • Chris S

    both saigon and papoose need 2 get their albums out asap. those 2 along with lupe are the only bright spots in the future of hip hop

  • NJG

    ^^ Co-sign wit that but also i take Fabolous as well along for the East Side (so: Fabolous, Papoose, Saigon & Lupe) Fabolous’ new album is dope, wit Saigon & Pap. on the way wit their albums the East Coast is definitely gonna come back… i think that Pap’s mixtapes are just a LIL taste for what he got on his album, period. and The Greatest Story Never Told is gon’ be maybe one of the most Greatest albums in HipHop wit executive productions of Just Blaze and probably DJ Kay Slay and more…