Rakim, dead prez, Aceyalone and Slug Featued on All-Pro Football 2K8 Soundtrack

rakim.jpg DJ Z-Trip, who helped pioneer the mash-up remix trend, has a assembled an impressive group of MC’s for the soundtrack to the new All-Pro Football 2K8 video game from 2K Sports. Z-Trip has meshed vocals from the diverse group of rappers including Rakim, dead prez, Aceyalone and Slug, with tracks from rock and roll favorites such as the Deftones and Chevelle for the innovative offering. “Since 2K Sports’ All-Pro Football 2K8 is taking football to the next level with landmark gameplay innovations, we wanted the soundtrack to reflect the latest in music innovations,” said Tim Rosa, 2K Sports’ Director of Brand and Lifestyle Marketing. “The logical step was to sign DJ Z-Trip, who has literally pioneered the art of the mash-up and set the standard for quality remixes. We’re proud that our games and soundtracks have paved new roads in the video game industry.” The soundtrack’s release will coincide with the AFP 2K8 release later this summer and it will be available in both music and gaming retail stores. Z-Trip is also scheduled to hit the road this summer on a tour in support of the project. For more info, go to http://www.2ksports.com/
Track listing:

1. “All-Pro Intro”
2. “Something Different” featuring Chali 2Na & Keno 1
3. “Sudden Death” featuring DJ Faust
4. “Let the Rhythm Hit ‘Em 2007″ featuring Rakim & Chevelle
5. “Doin’ It Like This” featuring Clutch
6. “Automatic At It” featuring Aceyalone
7. “Go Hard” featuring Gift of Gab & Dub Trio
8. “On My Side” featuring Lateef & Slug
9. “I Don’t Need This Trouble” featuring Natural Self
10. “Sure Shot” featuring Casual & Pep Love
11. “Rock, Shock, Break” featuring Backyard Bangers
12. “Locked and Loaded” featuring Deftones & Dead Prez
13. “Tom Sawyer ( Z-Trip Remix )” – Rush

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    1sttttttttttttttttttttttttttt niggasssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  • B Seals

    Happy they getting that paper. Hey, did anyone buy Rakim’s last album?? was it any good?

    It’s wild, cause Rakim was the sh*t in the game way back when, now he’s regulated to video game soundtracks. It’s all good though. Luda did it.

  • IceD-MKY

    sexy pic my nigga. he’s a cute nigga, no homo, you’d never guess his age tho right?

  • az$$rugerman

    B Seals you dumb shit!!
    how old are you like 10!
    What do you mean Rakim was the shit?? This man still will lyrically handicap your favorite MC anyday B!..Top5 Dead or Alive..now i understand rakim allah has been layin’ low for too long now but that’s thanks to gay ass Dre.&Aftrmath records signing sum1 thy can’t market- album titled “Oh my God” that was tossed in the trash can few years back. If u want some recent 2007 lyrics look no further than that track “Classic” w/Krs-one, Kanye, Nas.. And if u wanna wait it out a lil’ longer thn pop off that album “The Seventh Seal” which is still in process..


    prolly around 30

  • Ali

    naw man it wasn’t dre’s faukt….rakim left aftermath cuz u know they cussed alot & he is Muslim do he didn’t do tha deal….Dre didnt even trip about it he just ripped up ha contract and didnt ask 4 money and didnt hassle rakim…..he even let him keep all tha beats

  • Beav

    real talk at Ali. but this games finna be the shit

  • http://www.myglobaloutlet.com ICED-MKY

    ok. i admit…i really am gay