281x211.jpgLegendary hip-hop producer, Prince Paul, has formed an unlikely group, Baby Elephant, with two-time Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall of Famer and keyboard mastermind, Bernie Worrell. As a member of George Clinton’s group, Parliament-Funkadelic, Warroll was influential in shaping West Coast hip-hop, as artists such as Dr. Dre sampled his P-Funk production for his classic album, The Chronic. Now, Worrell is teaming up with Prince Paul, the former Stetsasonic group member who is revered for his work with De La Soul and The Gravediggaz. The two met while Worrell was promoting his documentary, Stranger: Bernie Worrell on Earth. Afterwards, the two musical geniuses hit it off and decided to create a funk/soul album under the pseudonym Baby Elephant. “He’s an accomplished musician and I’m some b-boy cat,” Prince Paul says about the album. “I don’t want people to think it’s like some hip-hop beats over him playing. We’re trying to invent something.” Baby Elephant will be release their debut album, Turn My Teeth Up, on September 15