New Big Boi Film to Debut at Urbanworld Film Festival in NYC

Who’s Your Caddy?, a new film starring Antwon “Big Boi” Patton of Outkast, will debut this weekend at the Urbanworld VIBE Film Festival in New York City. According to the Aiken Standard, the film is actually still in the post-production stages, but due to the buzz surrounding the project, producers agreed to the rare advanced screening. Who’s Your Caddy? tells the story of a hip-hop mogul (Big Boi) who purchases property adjacent to a stuffy county club in order to gain membership, and then fights to avoid getting kicked out. Also appearing in the film are comedians Bruce Bruce, Faizon Love, and Finesse Mitchell. Who’s Your Caddy? was directed by Don Michael Paul and is being distributed by Our Stories Films, which is owned by BET founder Robert L. Johnson. It is scheduled to hit theaters nationwide on July 27. The Urbanworld Film Festival kicks off today and runs through Sunday June 24.

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  • Caine

    I just felt like being 1st. Holla!

  • Bedroc Oxtail

    Sorry to burst y’all niggas bubbles but isn’t this Caddyshack 3 with black people…damn after idlewild you would think Big Boi would give this Movie shit a rest!!

  • MorphineRoberts

    That bitch kicks off on my birthday

  • fireforreal

    That’s cool and all but when do we get a Outkast album ? not that Idlewild shit or the double album shit where dre was singing 90% of the time They gotta take it back to straight spitten that real heat from the south.


    Yeah yo… just GLAD that 3000 is rapping again.

    Give us another Outkast album… because we LOVE yall, we’ll overlook the LAST album. Haha.

    OUTKAST Fan – since forever!!

  • G-SWE


  • J-Reese

    I must say Outkast is the hottest group evea hands down. They make hot albums they both can act and they both down to earth dudes. I bet this movie going to be hot.

  • BX In da Building

    i wanna see a tribe called quest and outkast do a whole fuckin album togther. Bringing realhip hop back. That New York and Southern connection betgween two of the greatest black hip hop groups of all time would give me chills.

  • Nyc’s finest

    Outkast and Tribe Called Quest should do an album togther!

  • V

    Big boi is hot and not that bad an actor, let the man make his money, and that last album wasn’t that bad, and at least him and Dre are back BOI STOP