Ludacris Cast in New Guy Ritchie Film

ludacris-1.jpgLudacris has snagged a role in director Guy Ritchie’s new film, RocknRolla. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Luda will star opposite 300 star Gerard Butler, Tom Wilkinson and actress Thandie Newton in the Snatch directors return to the caper genre. The film takes place in London, where a Russian Mobster organizes a crooked land deal that puts millions of dollars into play, sending a slew of the city’s criminals into a frenzy to get their hands on the cash. Luda will play an American musician trying to break into the U.K. music scene, while Butler and Wilkinson will portray two London mobsters. Ritchie, who is married to pop superstar Madonna, began filming last week in London.

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  • j.rock

    it’s me bitches.good look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nation

    This should be hype if it’s anything like Lock, Stock or Snatch… even Revolver. Let’s hope he can make a return after that Swept Away bullshit

  • $nOwMaN

    thas my boi… luda stay holdin it down

  • brooklyns own

    Do ya thang LUDA!

  • Billy Kincaid

    Guy Ritchie is class. It’s good to see Luda working with him.

  • hater

    luda doin his thing… T.I who??

  • jada

    das sum dope ish…………….

  • EReal

    Damn Luda, do the damn thing.

    Guy Ritchie (for the most part) is a bad ass director, his shit is always tight. I know that Lock Stock and Snatch are both classics in my book. Revolver and Hard Case were both pretty dope, too.

    Noone should ever make a movie with madonna in it unless shes catchin face shots. lmfao. Yeah Swept Away was near carrer killing trash.

    1 hunned.

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