Kurtis Blow Preaches “the Gospel” on New Tour

kurtis-blow.jpgHip-Hop pioneer, Kurtis Blow, was the first rap artist to sign with a major record label and release a gold single with “The Breaks.” Now, Blow is focusing his attention not only towards hip-hop, but spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a licensed minister, Blow is currently embarking on the Hip-Hop Ministry Tour with his new group, The Trinity. Blow, who released his new album, Hip Hop Ministry, on May 8, is joining with rappers Chris Flow and Ricky B to release The Trinity’s debut LP, Just Do It. In order to promote their new albums, the trio is currently touring the country. “The tour will be a great opportunity to promote the music and ministry, but first and foremost, we want to see lives changed,” says Chris Flow. “The Hip-Hop Ministry Tour is a God sent ministry that will bring the hip-hop generation to salvation.” For more information on The Trinity and their tour dates, visit www.trinityhiphop.com.

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  • Irene

    Is this the new move now? Rappers get older and want to push religion on wax? Rev. Run… Mase had a book called “Revelations”… and I keep hearing about some Jesus and Jigga book? Are any of these sincere or just switching to another “market”?

  • hokus

    Good Works from the good book. I wanted to go to his church in NY, sounds cool. Praise Jesus!!!

  • Jason Murk

    I dont care if dude went gold… Kurtis Blow sucks even by 1980′s standards. He’s the wackest of all “Hip Hop legends.”

    And Irene… I don’t know if this is the new move for rappers or not. But I do know that this should be the “new move” for all humans in general. I give props to Kurtis Blow for advancing in life and dedicating his existance towards spreading the Gospel.

    But his music still sucks

  • http://DDupointdos.state.fl.us Ghost of 2Pac

    “I wonder if heaven got a ghetto”

  • all city unseen

    how does Kurtis blow suck by 1980s standard when he was the first rapper to sign to a major. for that time rap was consider a fad. i lived in his area around that time people looked up to him