Kurtis Blow & NAACP Ban the “N” Word

kurtis-blow1.jpgHip-Hop pioneer, Kurtis Blow, and the NAACP were scheduled to hold a press conference on Sunday, June 24 at Fellowship Chapel in Detroit to announce the banishment of the “N” word. Blow and the Detroit Branch NAACP President, Rev. Wendell Anthony, were set to reveal the details behind a mock funeral procession and burial of the “N” word during the 98th Annual NAACP National Convention. Unfortunately, the press conference was canceled when Kurtis Blow could not make it to Detroit due to flight cancellations. The event has not been rescheduled as of yet, but the “N” word will still be banned during the NAACP Convention, which takes place in Detroit from July 7 to 12.

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  • My Effin’ Opinion

    i’m banning the “N” word too … the “N”AACP

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Average Black Cat

    Man, fuck these niggas. Imma say nigga whenever the fuck I want nigga, what the fuck these niggas gonna do about it? Not shit nigga, thats why I aint gonna stop sayin nigga cause these niggas aint gonna do shit nigga. Yall smell me my niggas??

  • YyyIt’sAC

    HOw u gon ban “nigga” ne ways?? They gon give niggas community service if caught saying it?

    They should say “we the NAACP frown apon the use of the word nigga”

    then let us be the judge…..either way niggas aint gon stop saying nigga anytime soon!!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com EReal

    Lets all say this together,


    1 hunned.

  • that boy dizz

    r.i.p nigga

  • doctor69

    first off any real black man shouldn’t say nigga or nigger its offense you never see asian saying what’s up my chink or hispanics calling each other wetback or spic come try exspanding your vocabulary more to express yourself Malcolm X once told his wife he help built the greatest organization a black man ever had but niggas ruined it , Richard Pryor used that word because he said it take away its power till he went to africa and swore off the word come your crying to say an offensive word your parents should have whipped you ass when that word came out your mouth like mines did grow you coons

  • http://www.soulink.net Cool

    I am all for banning the N word . I mean its cool for a black man to call each other Nigger but when a white man or asian says its we wanna call al sharpton and jessie jackson .


    im white I say nigga and I aint gon stop so its whatever like chappelle said we all a NIGGAR FAMILY

  • http://myspace.com BAYBOY650

    you ignant though bruh thats why you say it you have no respect for people before your time who were critisized by a variation ov that word. Your just an average white teenager who thinks by saying “nigga” its gonna make you sound more ghetto and like your from the hood witch your not. As far as the NAACP goes fuck them freedom ov speech first ammendment

  • Lazy

    Now why should i follow advice on derogatory names from an organization that still calls itself “colored people”?

  • jacquez
  • Sire For Hire

    Sorry Mr. Blow, but the only Curtis people are listening to is 50 cent and the NAACP need a new young roster. Niggaz need to come together and stop racial profiling or something that’s really relivent. Stop wasting time with bullshit and lets unite on something that will make a change.

  • doctor69

    sire is a white guy come on why do we need to say a word that was put here to oppress us into ignorance

  • john cochran



    Im from new york and niggas aiint gonna stop sayin whattup my nigga, word these niggas is crazy thinkin they gon ban the shit they need to put that shit down and quit hittin them one on one’s ahah


    Im from new york and niggas aiint gonna stop sayin whattup my nigga, word these niggas is crazy thinkin they gon ban the shit they need to put that shit down and quit hittin them one on one’s ahah

  • doctor69

    duchess is really from orange valley nyc the suburbs and don’t know shit about the hood on nyc why not stop being a nigga and become a black man

  • Phil

    The NAACP need to worry about the homeless, the hungry and the drug addicted in the hood and not the rappers. The word Nigger was and is still being used to disrespect Black people. The word Nigga is our way of turning and oppressive word into a uplifting word. White people are mad because we are no longer embarrassed to be Black and in fact alot of them want to be just like us. Old Black folk are mad that young Blacks are gettin’ money and they wasn’t gettin it. So let Niggas be Niggas and worry about the real issues in the world.

  • kal

    ey im a wite man nd u dont see us sayin wut up cracka.. i been thought blak ppl wer dum fer callin each other niggas anyways cuz thats the thing that first offended ther anscestors nd ther sittin there usin the word that ther elders hated.. some shit huh

  • doctor69

    phil is a faggot to that word is still helping oppress you wannabe whiteboy how is that word helping the black community none fallback you hick and read about willy lynch or malcolm x and paul roberson you coon