Jim Jones Comments on Feud with Cam’ron: “If we want to keep this boat floatin’, one of us gonna have to jump off ship.”

jimmy.jpgIn a recent video interview with MTV Raw, Jim Jones speaks on his feud with Cam’ron and the future of The Diplomats. The tension between Capo and Killa originated when Jimmy revealed to Hot 97’s gossip queen, Miss Info, that Dipset was “putting Cam’ron on punishment” after his alleged incident with Tru Life outside of Club Stereo. Since then, fans have wondered what the future held for Dipset now that the crew’s two bosses were beefing. “Let’s just say, brothers fight, mothers and sons fight, husband and wife fight, there’s some family things going on, ya dig,” Jones told MTV Raw. “It’s still Dipset by all means, don’t nobody get that twisted. We entitled to feud.” When questioned whether the beef was finally over with Cam, Jimmy said, “Everything is fine, everything is straight. As far as what me and Cam got going on, that’s a little bit more personal than anything. That doesn’t reflect on our movement, doesn’t reflect on our business. Business is always business, at the end of the day. If we want to keep this boat floatin’, want to keep it like that, one of us gonna have to jump off ship, ‘cause it’s gonna float, baby.”

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  • Big Tone Coleon

    Once again people let thier egos get in the way of making good music or doing business.

  • .


  • Rizzop

    Look at this chump nigga bitin the hand that feed him. If you the capo, and hes the don, you supposed to keep ya shit in house, not in the media. Aint he supposed to live by a code. Cam looked crazy with the no snitchin thing, but its a way of life

  • Pastor (Murda) Mason

    fuck them niggas

  • g-unit

    G G G G – UNIT!!!!!!!!!! Look what 50 did to cam lmao that pretty funny cam just leave enoy the lil fame u had and leave jimmy and dipset alone. 50 deystroyed You. By the way 1st Bitches

  • DatGrizzQueenzNigga

    Dipset wack ass fuck man , TRue Life is dat nigga L.E.S nigga

  • http://www.seantucker15yahoo.com V-MAN Chester Pa 19013

    Both these niggaz should pop a buncha pills & die like the Bitchs they are! Hip Hop wont miss either one of them & there album sales wont increase with there deaths. Jimmy got lucky on some one hit wonder shit, that nigga has said Ballin in every record or remix he’s been on sense. DO you hear 50cent still screamin ( In the Club ) Hell No cus he can make another hit record like it aint shit! Jimmy is a Fuckin BUSTA ( fake ass blood ) Cam showed promise at the begining of his career, now he raps like a herion addict & looks like one.



  • these posts are racist

    I’m posting as someone else with someone else’s e-mail address and name because whoever is the webmaster here can’t run a website woth shit. XXL.com is balls

  • paychexx

    that truth brothers do fight, but we all see thru the bullshit, cam doesnt matter cam aint had a hit since het got hit by tru-life, hahaha, naw really since what oh boy, let see jim jones had the biggest hit, and juelz make his hits eveytime he comes out. let see cam keep holling about 50 because he knoews aint gonna do shit, meanwhile tru-life snuff son. kick that lame ass pink bitch out and promote hell rell. peace and r.i.p. stack bundles

  • Purple Hulk


  • jay

    Jimmy the boss, julez the capo, cam foot soldier, lol in his little pool, lol julez better then both rap wise, jimmy ballin getting old, mims lol

  • http://rockthedub.blogspot.com khal

    i do think its kind of awkward how on the one hand we are SCREAMIN’ “stop snitchin’”, but then feel it’s ok to speak about admittedly personal beefs and business o ut in public…

  • http://xxlmag.com Shadythagreat

    Hold up Jimmy! Now Goddamn! Camron brought you in nigga,how the fuck you gon turn on that man and sugarcoat the situation. Man, you sorry as hell Jim I mean come on now what up with that bighead you been having lately like you a muthafucking “G”! You weak, homeboy!

  • L.A.X.

    fuck all you mutherfuckers who write on these blogs. fuckin homos

  • Diego Dro

    “From now on, Jimmy’s the Boss of Dipset. And Juelz is the Capo. Cam’s demoted…”…to obscurity since nobody really cares about him anyway.

  • YyyIt’sAC

    These guys are making so much money together and should stay with it…scratch all the little garbage..Just keep makin money SHIT

    I hate when “REAL NIGGAS” get on, get paid, then get mad kuz of little shit, or ont gettin a big enough cut when they holding millions…just fuckin greedy and selfish..

  • seez

    THEY MISQUOTED JIMMY! go to http://www.videos.onsmash.com and check what he actually said.. If the dipset fold then whatever but these media outlets love to fuel supposed feuds.

  • john cochran

    Black men cant get money together without some bullshit jumpin off.

  • fireforreal

    Jim jones is in the top 10 for worst rappers in history but he’s still a business man so we don’t have to hear here forever.Cam’ron talks shit on and off records and that’s why more and more people hate that nigga.He use to be kinda nice now his rhymes really sounds like he makes them up as he goes along. Bottom line they both fuckin suck and there both bitches,running with bitches and will always just be the bitches that created the pink movement.

  • Danny

    I really don’t give a shit about this stupid shit anymore…

    Keep making that music and cut the “Bolshit”…

    More than music v.2 was a classic….

    Now I’m waiting on the next one…

    Ya dig??

  • http://www.soulink.net Brothercool72

    alll you niggas is lame as fuck…i seen all these same fags months ago riding dipset’s balls…and shitting on 50…now all these same fagott ass nigga’s hopping on to 50′s dick and shit….nigga’s is lame!!for one w/e is happening inside of Dipset then let that stay between them ya heard…they’ll handle it correctly…but how can you hate on jimmy? this nigga’s seeing that staying around cam is gonna hurt him more nowaday’s then help him…so he’s just saying it in a cool manner…but he aint biting the hand that fed him….they’ve all been 2gether for 20+ years…jimmmy can do w/e is best for him and the Set…YA Heard?

  • killa the dawn

    dipset all day Brydgang *itch…this aint nothn man,,,er body fight

    you fight with ur bestfriend dont u? fight with ur brother right? yall b e z


  • Cake A!

    Jim acting like a str8 j-cat,listen homie cam is the boss fam and if anything you should be working the shit out. Ok, maybe it wasnt the best move to start another beef but cam aint ask neither members of the fam 2 step in, he was going in on his own like he’s suppose too. Now when he was beefin with Jay jimmy was quick 2 add his 2cents but now he on some sucka shit. Big-up Cam,Juelz,Hell, and 40 cuz if you got a problem with killa you got a problem with them which is how its suppose to be. We from the westcoast kids! We dont cross game! We sell it! 1-hun

  • Purple Hulk


  • Mr.ether



  • http://xxlmag capcobra

    dipset is the tuffest team repping ny right now..and i say that to say this…ny is wack..the whole world laughing at y’all..y’all used to be trendsetters..now y’all dickriders..it’s sad..cuz papoose.gravy.maino.uncle murda.juelz.j.millz.murda mook…and whoever else ain’t gon save y’all…y’all niguz been on some copycat shit since snoop crushed the buildings…it’s over ny..you can stop killing each other..pulling publicity stunts..doing collabos w downsouth artists..just give it up..y’all wack..one

  • Lupe

    WTF i wonder if this is the real lupe e-mail address

  • ripsta

    first of all , to all you lil wiggers sweatin g-unit, this has nothin to do with that shipwrecked crew ( game was the pirate that sunk that ship!!). this is betwwen cam and jenny jones. someone give jenny jones a shaver she looks dirty with that funky beard


    Jim better watch himself. Dont fuck with Killa Cam. Cam gone have his ass wacked liked he did Stacks (JIM JONES WEED CONNECT). Killa

  • Killa Cam’ Jr aka Randy F. Baby

    That’s what it is DIPSET ALL DAY ya dig

  • G MAN

    jim jones a shit without killa he was just his weed carrier. cam is that nigga no matter what

  • kdizzle

    wow.. well i can’t say that I’m surprised though. I just never thought those dudes could rhyme.. I mean seriously..Not to dogg niggas but I hated everyone’s flow from that crew. Hell Rell is kinda nice though but he came around later.

  • doctor69

    ok its my turn fuck this pussy ass half spic aka jenny jones who the fuck is first he holding cam’RUN hand and doing cartwheels in horse in carraige begging for gay ass mase to show up for there 3some now he on some fake blood shit then saying his gay love about caM’RUN on hot 97 saying he can’t do no wrong in my eyes I he loves him from his head to his feet then even after cam’RUN left him laying at the rucker but lucky caM’RUN miles called the cops on cease then caM’RUN gets snuffed for you by the les bully trulife who took 2 of his chains plus a ring now you beefing come on where’s the loyality hahahhahaaa fuck the bitch set and there gay ass feud he probably found out cam’RUN cheated on him with smell rell and danniel shut your bitch ass up with your endless dick set riding I m not ziggy rip stacks real nyc stand the fuck up for hiphop peace to the purple hulk

  • jswans

    aye that nigga seez was right! jim aint mean it how they put it on here!

  • Face Phoenix

    Cam Vs Jones – Do I REALLY CARE ABOUT THIS ONE? Why is all I ever hear out of kids in the east is Dipset. Dynasties fall apart but in comparison to other supercrews of the past – The ROC, Wu, Juice Crew, BCC, Death Row, Bad Boy & Etc. What has Dipset really done? Aside from when they were associated with The ROC and last year these kids haven’t done anything really fantastic. How do you start to get a solidified fan base then begin to turn on one another before you can make that real money. This Sh*t is Sad.

  • http://xxlmag.com 31

    Man, if Jim is bein serious, this is some bullshit for real… Whether you like Dipset or not, you know that you never bite the hands that feed you. That’s really the only analogy that applies, as redundant as it may seem. And, whether you like Cam’ron or not, you gotta appreciate the fact that he don’t give a fuck about what negative as shit people have to say about him either. He gets his money, makes his music, and looks out for his people. Why would anybody have objections to that? And, he isn’t bangin either, so why people keep sayin he’s a fake blood is beyond me. He’s said on a few different occasions that he’s ‘neutral’. I do hope shit between him an Jim work though… ‘One’

  • http://www.myspace.com/mike05kelso mike kelso


  • G-SWE

    doctor59 shut the fuck up u flunkie!old head

  • Marley-junior-bong

    they both need to put there heads together and not let little shit split up the set even if they have gone off the boil the last 2 years .oh wll atleast they got JR Writer comin through.fuck a hater its DIPSET BITCH

  • DMAC


  • http://www.yahoo.com Streets Is Watchin

    it was bound to happen sooner or later, yall aint see cam on “vacation” that look like punishment to me right there…JAY yous a fool for that one


    Look, dip set is alright Camron had a few hot joints but lyrically he doesn’t have much basically camron & Jim Jones are commercial rappers I’m sure nobody in hip-hop will miss them if they jump off the boat or let it sink these types of rappers are not felt in the hood mother fuckers are bumping that brotha lynch, hollow tip and a little of gansta dre these are some real niggas how bout bay area shit yuchmouth this is what hood niggas are bumping in their ipods ofcouser keeping in mind that each area has similar rappers like the ones I mention g-unit /dipset these are all Hollywood rappers that are not hungry any more.

  • http://www.exposeyaass.com EXPOSER

    ripsta Says:

    June 20th, 2007 at 6:05 pm
    first of all , to all you lil wiggers sweatin g-unit, this has nothin to do with that shipwrecked crew ( game was the pirate that sunk that ship!!).
    Yeah the fuckin ass pirate. Dude is str8^ fag. Fuckin bi-polar bitch. Stays on 50s dick all day, we cool, oh wait we not, oh we cool now, oh wait we not. Dude is str8 ASS. Worst fucking similie name droppin rapper evar. You gonna tell people not to sweat a crew and then you jump all on Game’s dick like his baby’s moms. You hypocrite bitch,

    You’ve been EXPOSED!!

  • E Chi- Town

    These bitchset niggas aint shit to begin with, secondly Ballin put them niggas on da map but dat balling is done for. Like Hov said. These niggas aint Ballin, they pump fakin. Cam you watched Jimmy get his as whooped. Where was you KILLA????????

  • 5yrslockeddown

    If it wasnt for cam signing to the roc we wouldnt kno shit about dipset. pre ROC who besides new york niggas new about dipset and jim jones was cams hype man rite. but this shit like WWE its all publicty cuz i seen then niggas together when i was in jersey last week

  • doctor69

    yo 5 years I heard of cam yes I’m from nyc once they signed to the roc caM’RUN and jenny jones came out the closet with oh boy and using old nyc slang like hey ma on songs fuck them bitches when you see caM’RUN and jenny should have asked if they seen tru life or jungle they both would have ran to the nearest exit like it was a fire drill if they both break up would anybody shead a tear beside the fake bloods aka nine trey ummm nope they’re hip hop worst group to come out of nyc yes that includes c&c music factory atleast hype willaims said to listen to x clan and bdp the wu every emcee sounded different in the bitch set they all sound the same with a nursery rhyme with a stupid ass gimmick I.e. the whistle song and balling opps and grill em hahhahahahahaha come fuck the bitch set label and crew and fags like gws and the wannabe dred marley fuck you too grow up already and get out your moms house and if you gotta problem with me come see me tonight in qb 41 and vernon

  • !!FEBMN!!

    where is Dame at
    all that ‘ish the talked about the ROC
    funny how fifty said the cam should get kicked out and jones should be boss and look whats happening! these niggas just trying to create some shit so their name can stay afloat..cuz they’re boring except Hell Rell!

  • berto

    fuck jim! its dipset all day …and i aint never even listen to jims wack ass. jim: “for cam we wouldnt be in this movin” and i quote his wack ass!

  • Jroc

    ayo, ya lil G unit fukboiz.. iz realli dumb.. 50 iz betta on his own.. but ompared 2 Cam na fuk outta here Cam or Jim?!1 they both nice.. but Jim actin like a bitch. niggaz should follow cam cuz daz wa they been doin for years n look where they at now. CAmron on vacation.. when he come back out we gon see alot of dick sukin faggets on his dick. so fuk outta here Dipset all daii

  • Gorilla unit

    CAMRUN IS HEALING FROM HIS PUPRLE EYE. He iss’nt on no fucking holiday. He is hiding like a bitch. You can suck some Jenny jones balls and eat camrun pink dick faggot.

    Purple Hulk Says:

    June 20th, 2007 at 3:37 pm

    Hey puple guess you mean dickheads like Gayrock


  • Gorilla unit

    Why the fuck is that faggot jimmy always possing with his hands like he wants to hold a dick in front of his eyes.

    Hey is a fuck face just like that No dick having camrun.

  • Gorilla unit




  • Danny

    Gorilla unit Says:

    June 21st, 2007 at 1:56 pm
    Why the fuck is that faggot jimmy always possing with his hands like he wants to hold a dick in front of his eyes.

    Hey is a fuck face just like that No dick having camrun.

    First of all, it’s “One eyed willy” dumbass…

    Second of all, aren’t you from Holland or some shit??…

    What the fuck are you doing on this website??…

    Dam white boy…

  • B.J.

    Yall niggas is fuckin stupid cause if you dumb shits knew that the only way to get rid of the trash is burn it.Came is old weight just being cared around like trash,you know what we do with trash,burn it.And Cam got burned that’s all.Niggas mad at Jim cause Jim had the lighter ya dig and that’s fuckin all.Dipset City

  • B.J.

    Another thing FUCK G-Unot, the only one can rap is Spiter and he sucking on Fiftyshits balls anyway

  • doctor69

    danelle still a dipset groupie bitch from nebraska living in his uncle barn hay stack fuck you hick wigga get off this homothug rapper dick one eye willie is pimp slang for dick you cockryda

  • Biggie

    We All Know Cam Is Dead Weight, but Both Jim Jones & Cam Should Jump Out of the The Ship, Poor bastards, & Juelz Should Get Away From These Clowns & Do He’s Own Thing!

  • G-SWE

    Doctor 69 im sure u heard that being said to ur mom! by her pimp

  • doctor69

    I see gay whitecock sucker has jokes only on himself he girl aka his cousin only laugh when he takes his clothes off and does the balling dance in pink thong fallback cracka you not built for battle

  • joker 187

    Hey Danny boy. for the last time. I’m from holland and i’m not white. Anyway, Doc69 exposed your bitch ass. I know now that you are a hill billy bitch boy

    . Now i know for shure that you lost you virginaty to a cow cause you are actin like a bitch. GAYSTA FUCKING dickface swagger jacker. Go by your self some pink draw’s so you and camrun can pose in them pinkdraws at the gay parade FAGGOTS.

    Hey ziggy you a faggot. Dick ryder

    curtis sept 4



  • Joker187

    camrun hidding at his momma crip.
    jenny Jones Is now getting his ass whooped while camrun and ziggy is jurkin off. Smell rell is out bying himself some Deo, Jr writher is now at the bookstore steeling some pen’s, 40 cal is now pushing his 40 cal in his ass crack & Juelz is trying to see if he can join the gay squad. I almost forgot 1bitch Ja ja or something like that, that first dipshit Lady. GAME whas saying that olivia looks like a men BUT GOD DAM. THAT JA JA BITCH IS LOOKING LIKE A FUCKING BEAR. DAM that bitch is ugly. GOD FORGIVE ME BUT DAM SHE IS UGLY.
    She looks like my little poodle. fucking rat skanky ass hoo

    I’m sorry for saying this fact but this is the end of Dipset. I know it hurts.

    Well done Fifty ;)


  • http://youtubedipsetallday.com brandon tha great

    lmao! look at all the hate, whether you bitch made niggas like it or not. it’s dipset all day. The roc is ova and g-unit is dead. it’s dipset bitch!! you lames look like geeks, talking about well done 50 lmao 50 ain’t do shit! this cam and jim shit is old. so keep riding 50 dick and keep listening to candy shop and amusement park while Dipset run the Rap Game. fucking faggots! LOL


    that wuz some of the lamest jokes ive ever heard joker187. so jus stop talkin. fifty didnt do shit. look at buck, he mad at fif right now. but dipset needs to go back and do music like back in the old days, like on diplomatic immunity 1

  • doctor69

    brandon the worst shut your corny ass up fuck you yelling bitch set all day like they live come on there the worst hiphop group ever to come out of nyc jenny is a bitch cam’RUN gets slapped up everytime he goes out in public I made smell rell do the running man when I seen him at columbus circle fuck these bitch made homothugs in pink and anybody folloeing them yeah you too tha cocksuker fuck dipset

  • jada

    Jim is dope on him own he don’t need 2 draw attention 2 him self 4 no reason. Rappers jus luv beefing 4 no reason.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=10916#comment its ya boy breed