lotug-1.jpgToday’s generation of hip-hop fans may not remember the Lords of the Underground, but the Newark, NJ trio scored two of the biggest hits in 1993 with “Funky Child” and “Chief Rocka.” Comprised of Doitall, Mr. Funke and DJ Lord Jazz, the group released their debut album — Here Comes The Lords — under the tutelage of Marley Marl, who along with K-Def, produced the entire LP. While their debut was critically acclaimed, the group was never able to duplicate their success, releasing two disappointing follow up albums Keepers of the Funk (1994) and Resurrection (1999). Now, LOTUG are prepping for another comeback with the release of their new album, House of Lords, on August 21. “I Love Hip-Hop” will be the LP’s first single and is a response to Nas’ “hip-hop is dead” mantra. “Hip-Hop ain’t dead, it just ain’t being made,” says Funke Man. Besides resurrecting their hip-hop career, group member Doitall is looking to expand his career as an actor. He will star in a new film, Cash Rules, with Treach of Naughty by Nature and J.D. Williams from HBO’s The Wire. Doitall was also featured in the controversial final episode of The Sopranos, playing one of the suspicious characters that walked into the restaurant Tony was eating at before the show ended.