Foxy Brown Shows Up Late For Probation Meeting, Receives Special Treatment

foxy-14.jpgAs reported on yesterday, after receiving a favorable probation report less than two weeks ago, Foxy Brown missed a meeting with her probation officer and received a warning. According to the New York Daily News, a note was left at Foxy’s Brooklyn brownstone advising her to show up at her probation appointment yesterday (June 26), and warned that “failure to do so may seriously affect your probation status.” The troubled rapper was scheduled to meet with her probation officer on Friday (June 22), one day before police say she was robbed near a Brooklyn housing project, but skipped out on the appointment.

According to today’s New York Post, after receiving a warning, Foxy eventually attended her probation meeting yesterday (June 26) shortly after 2 p.m., four hours after the scheduled appointment. The Post also reported that a security officer at the Department of Probation allowed Fox Boogie to walk around a metal detector in the building. After the two-hour session was over, Foxy was then seen exiting the building through a side door closed to the public. Probation officials, Foxy’s lawyer, John Sampson, and manager, Chaz Williams, all declined to talk to the Post about the special treatment Foxy received.

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  • jacquez

    foxy stay in the newz

    go listen

  • PRofane to da


  • Holla

    You kids and this snitching shit. Reporting news isn’t snitching. You kids don’t even understand what snitching is, you watch too many videos, homie.

  • i’ll shit bag u

    punk ass heffa!!!

  • J-Reese

    Man i know if you got money or a lil fame you can do almost anything you want to. Now if us normal pepz out here try to even think about not going to see our POs and we back on lock down asken our peps to put money on our books. Thats fucked up and thats not haten it is what it is.

  • Sire For Hire

    She supposed to get special treatment. Coked-out, ho ass Hilton get special treatment why the hell shouldn’t Foxy Brown. Yall don’t get it twisted.

  • fireforreal

    Foxy ain’t a snitch she’s just a dumb bitch who is waisting her talent.

  • BklynBandette

    I really has high hopes for Foxy’s comeback. Nevermind …

  • Stax On Deck

    Can you hear me now??….Good!