Foxy Brown’s Ex-Boyfriend Allegedly Orchestrated Attack, Assailant Charged

foxy-12.jpgAccording to the New York Daily News, Foxy Brown’s ex-boyfriend allegedly orchestrated the attack on the troubled rapper early Saturday morning near the Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn. The incident transpired when Fox Boogie allegedly broke up with her boyfriend — whose name has not been revealed — after she found out he was a pimp. The ex-boyfriend then allegedly ordered three of his hookers, one of them being 23-year-old Roshawn Anthony, to assault Foxy. The woman allegedly kicked and punched the rapper after pulling her out of her Range Rover. The assailants allegedly made off with Foxy’s Louis Vuitton handbag and her hearing aid; while Foxy was left with chunks of her hair weave yanked out. Currently, the NYPD has formally hit Anthony with assault and robbery charges. She was sent to Rikers Island on $50,000 bail. Anthony and her lawyer, Clinton Hughes, have denied the charges. “[Foxy Brown] is a colorful character. She’s bringing out a colorful story,” Hughes said. “But something much more realistic will come out at the grand jury.” The NYPD is still looking for the three other people involved in the incident, including Foxy’s ex-boyfriend.

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  • joker19977

    1st…and who cares?

  • stoneyisland

    chunks of her weave were pulled out?? come on you mean Foxy’s hair aint real??? oh shit hip hop is officially dead, I mean first Big then Pac then Pun, now Foxy got a weave??????????????

  • Cool


    why would she stay in the car and wait for someone to come whupp her ass . There is more to this story .

  • Jay

    first she made a statement that she wasnt even in brooklyn now ppl are charged? fuck outta here who cares!

  • jacquez
  • Duro

    Damn she starting to be better known for her rap sheet than her music, but on sum real shit, im tired of hearing about her ugly ass

  • big skiz

    dum azz bitch that what she gets fuqin wit kurupt

  • fireforreal

    Okay fox you keep showing that when your not making music your every where but the studio making an ass outta yourself.You suppose to be BK all day,all that petty crime shit and now you trying to come through the jects wit your louie purse and didn’t no your man was a pimp ? come on ma no wonder why def jam ain’t releasing your shit because you keep fuckin up.I really thought you would have been not just another female rapper but more of an Icon one day but now your just considered a joke.Get your circle of people cut down,stop blaiming the media and your lable for your fuck ups and really get yourself together or get you a bobby brown and be like Whitney.


    i got set up by my ex boyfriend too!much love


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    June 26th, 2007 at 3:40 am
    i got set up by my ex boyfriend too!much love
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    Danny Says:

    June 27th, 2007 at 3:07 am
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