flavor-flav.jpgNew York State judge has ordered Flavor Flav to pay $1.8 million in damages to a man he allegedly shot at in a Bronx apartment building 10-years-ago. According to the New York Post, Flav’s attorney plans to appeal the judgment over what he says is as a conflict of interest involving the presiding judge. The former Public Enemy hype-man was convicted in 1995 of weapons possession and sentenced to two months in jail and three years probation, after neighbor Thelouizs English claimed the rapper shot at him in the Executive Towers apartment building where they lived at the time. In 1996, English filed a civil lawsuit against Flav, claiming assault and battery. A process server left the paperwork with the building’s doorman, but Flav later claimed that he never received it. The next year, a default judgment of $350,000 in compensatory and $500,000 in punitive damages was handed down against the Flavor of Love star. Lawyers for English estimate that, with interest, that amount has now risen to $1.8 million.

Flav’s attorney, Charles Johnson—who also happens to be the godfather of two of his children—plans on appealing the case because he says Judge Dianne Renwick’s judgment is retaliatory in nature. Judge Renwick’s husband Robert Johnson, no relation to Flav’s attorney, was the district attorney that unsuccessfully tried to prosecute the rapper ten years ago. In January, Renwick recused herself from the case in an attempt to “avoid the appearance of impropriety,” but changed her mind after reviewing similar cases. The reality TV star’s attorney plans to appeal the latest decision later this week.