musicd12.jpgD12 producer and rapper, Denaun Porter, is launching a new website,, giving independent artists the ability buy his beats at an affordable price. The website will live on June 15 and membership is free. “I’m always getting demos from people who want to work with me or just want feedback,” says Porter. “Unfortunately a lot of their work is not good because the music lacks quality. I can’t work with everyone but this site provides opportunities for them to have a direct link to my production.” Denuan is selling some of his beats for as low as $50, while other users are offered the opportunity to browse an “exclusive beats” section where they can purchase full ownership of Porter’s beats, complete with pro-tools sessions. “If the music industry was driven by more innovative producers and visionaries, I believe there wouldn’t be drastic drops in sales,” Porter says. “I have a tone of beats in my arsenal for artists that want to be creative and don’t want to sound just like everyone else that’s out there. One of the biggest problems of the music industry today is that majority of the artists being pushed are carbon copies of each other. There’s no creativity. All the production sounds alike. It’s time for people to step outside the box and go beyond the norm.”